20160312_144026[1] (1600x1060)My bun-fu is improving!  It helped that I went with 12 instead of 16 like the last batch.  I went with a different forming method after watching a few Youtubes to get a better idea of how to proceed.  I rolled the dough flat in a roughly 6″ x 4″ rectangle, and then folded it like I was folding a letter to go into an envelope – top third down, bottom third up and over that.  Pinch the seam and ends and lay them on the tray with a bout a 1/2″ gap between so they rise to touch.DSC_5444 (1600x1060)We grew mint is this pot last year, and left it out all winter.  It lasted a long time before the cold weather burnt everything above dirt level.  We noticed new growth so I gave it a haircut the other day.  Mint is tough, we had mint growing wild in Mrs J’s flower garden and it took several years to eradicate.  Last year she told me to plant that nursery seedling as far away from her dirt as I could.20160315_092451 (1600x1060)Kimchi!  There is a Chinese buffet that we hit whenever we are close during meal time that has kimchi on their line.  I usually get some, I like it a lot.  I’ve made it before and had good luck but I made so much it was really getting sour before I could eat it all.  Mrs J refused to help.  This is one head of Napa cabbage, plus the carrots, daikon radish, and the rest.  I adapted this recipe.20160316_132316 (1600x1060)I left it overnight, covered, in the big bowl on a counter to give the fermentation a start and then put it all in this gallon jar to finish in the fridge in the basement.


Primary day in Illinois last Tuesday, this is the little township meeting hall where we cast our votes.  One nice thing about living out in the boonies, there is hardly ever a line.

PICT5658 (1600x1060)Random wildlife!  This is a young buck that has dropped one of its antlers.  They are shed every year but it’s rare to find them in the woods – they are quickly gnawed down by little woodland critters.PICT5692 (1600x1060)One more – at first glance I thought that the bird standing behind the deer was a crow but a second look showed it to be a hawk:PICT5692I’m no expert on bird ID but I think this may be a juvenile red shouldered hawk.  I don’t know for sure why it is standing there at the pond but we often see wood ducks right there, either in the water or ashore looking for the corn Mrs J leaves down there.

Some Stuff

Just coming in from a doggie run and snapped this one over the shed.  Saw a hawk fly off a bit earlier as we approached the tree he was resting in.  Whirred off a bunch of shots as he flew away, bad light at the end of the day yielded no really nice pics.  This was the best one.  Not sure what he was, but I’ll guess a red tailed hawk.

I pushed a close crop of the bird past way too bright and nudged the saturation a bit and ended up with this:

I think I see a faint red on the tail, could be just an artifact from the tweaks.  Click on the pics for bigger.  It was a big bird, and the fierce hook of the beak is consistent with a red tail ID.  If you can say, drop a comment.

I have lots of hawk pics here. Some are “meh”, but some are really cool.

Your Morning Hawk

First clue he was here was the empty feed station.  I looked around but didn’t see him until he took flight.  Alas, no good pics.

Did watch him make a small circuit around the yard, he dipped in close to a crow sitting in a tree top, but the crow shrugged him off.

Your Morning Hawk

He’s been gone for a few days.  I looked out the window and saw him chasing a blackbird.  By the time I got the camera set up he was sitting on a branch, and stayed there long enough to bore me.  Top photo was taken as he shifted to another vantage point.

Your Morning Hawk

Just have to share this sequence with you this morning.  A bluejay is cruising along, not noticing the hawk on the limb just ahead.  He comes closer, and suddenly they become aware of each other and the chase is on!  The last pic is actually from a few minutes later-same hawk, different jay.  It fits the narrative so well I wanted to include it.  As always, click on a pic for a better look.

Ps:  I would be remiss not to note that the bluejays escaped.