Sammich Pr0n

Counter Top Sauerkraut

20170120_103058-1600x1200My not-so-local greengrocer had some huge, good looking cabbages when I stopped in the other day to buy more garlic.  I bought some because my ‘kraut supply was getting low.  That’s one head in that big bowl.  I’ve already sprinkled the salt over it and added caraway.  Recipes I’ve looked at suggest 3 tablespoons of pickling salt per 5 pounds of cabbage.  That’s all you need to make sauerkraut – salt, cabbage, and time.  Thirty days will do it, but you can let it go longer.  It gets more sour the longer it ferments, refrigeration stops the pickling action.20170120_102751-1600x1200 I’m using this assortment of parts to assemble a couple of half gallon mason jars that will be the fermenters.  It can be done more simply but I had good luck with this method before, using parts that I converted to make work, but this set-up is made for the job. New this time are the glass hockey puck sized things that are intended to weigh down the cabbage to keep it submerged.20170120_111428-1600x1200I managed to cram all of that into these two jars.  The glass weights are inside, atop the cabbage, and the airlocks are in place.  Fermenting cabbage releases carbon dioxide so it has to be vented, but you don’t want any air in there carrying mold and other nasties.