Moar Dumplins!

20161220_171945-1600x1200I was 6 hours into a crockpot beef and vegetable run when my mind was changed by the memory of those delicious chicken dumplins.  I put back the veggies and several ladles of gravy for a dish TBNL.

Mmm… Rocking the Classics

Carrots, potatoes, celery, and nice chunks of beef.  The beef simmered for hours, uncovered, in some beef stock and white wine with the usual herbs – this had bay leaves, oregano, and thyme.  About 20 minutes or so before serving the veggies went in.  Put the lid on and tweak the flame a little higher.  Last thing I poured off the liquid into another pan and quickly thickened the gravy with corn starch.  It would have worked with everything still in the pot but it was a small one and I didn’t want to break up the veggies.  The rolls were leftovers from this batch, they froze well and weren’t hurt a bit by reheating them in a foil package.