Do You Know What Happens to Tomatoes at High Altitude (and a Peach Cobbler Recipe)


Bustling. Things have been bustling. House hunting has heated up. Looked at two last week, one was a 110 years old. I was really drawn to it, but in the end, despite it being a solid, beautifully built home, there were too many check marks in the cons column. So the search continues.

A quick trip to visit family gave Bixby four days of fun and just a bit of overwhelm, which I’ll detail more in a dedicated Bixby post later in the week. Since we’ve been home, he’s been a total…brat. Somehow all our training has gone out the window.

My brother sent me home with a trunk full of fresh vegetables. But do you know what happens to very ripe tomatoes as you climb from sea level to 5280 feet? Yup, they burst. I was able to salvage one for slicing, but the rest I turned into Fresh Salsa tonight. Which was a good thing, since I’m already 3/4 of the way through the jar he sent home with me.

I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to use these beautiful tomatoes to make this:


Doesn’t that look amazing? Basically a Caprese Sandwich. Mouth watering just looking at it. I may have to get some fresh mozzarella tomorrow and make a caprese salad.

Before I left on my trip, I filled my car with as many fresh Palisade peaches as I could fit around Great Dane stuff and my stuff. Before I left, my mom said she was going to use the few that were left to make a peach cobbler. I missed out on that, but yum. I’m sure it was delicious. Recipe below:


Peach Cobbler

  • 4 tbsp butter, melted
  • 1 cup flour
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 ½ tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 16 oz fresh peaches, peeled, pitted and sliced
  • 1 tbsp sugar

8X8 baking dish, bowl

In 350° oven, melt butter in baking dish. In bowl, sift together flour, ¼ cup sugar, baking powder & salt. Add milk & egg, whisk to form a smooth batter. Pour into baking dish (don’t stir butter in). Scatter fruit evenly over the top of the batter and sprinkle with 1 tbsp sugar. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes until fruit bubbles and batter is golden brown.

I’m hoping for a quieter week this week, to catch up on a few things and hopefully see a few more houses. Dinner menu and Bixby Diary later in the week. Until then…..


Monday Thoughts: House Hunting and Recipes

Jicama Slaw FinalI just put jicama on the grocery list and I plan on making Jicama Slaw (recipe here), perfect for late summer heat. And it makes 6 to 10 servings, so I’ll have it on hand for the week. I can’t complain too much about the heat, because as far as Colorado summers go, this one has been pleasantly mild. Late afternoon showers keep things from heating up too much.

Rainy Weekend

I wanted to talk a bit about house hunting. I know it must seem like I’ve been shopping forever (trust me, it feels that way to me, too). Timing is everything. I started my own business four years ago and two years ago it became my full-time gig. Once that happened, I clearly needed more room as I worked at my home “office” 3 to 4 days a week. I ventured out into the market right at the time things heated up to bubble status. Houses are selling at a ridiculous amount over list.

Luckily, I have great clients, two who are actually custom home builders and one who is a financial whiz. They’ve been very helpful and confirmed my own intuition. I’m taking their advice, waiting out the bubble and trying to find my patience, both for myself and the critters. We all need more room to stretch out and we will find it.


NOT my actual kitchen LOL

But in the meantime…ugh my kitchen. It’s just unworkable, especially for blogging and photos. No light, cramped space, crappy stove. I’ve been living on salads and diet Coke all summer. I do have a backlog of recipes that I will just have to start posting, sans photos.

And when we do move, then not only can we celebrate, but there should be some fun as I document the inevitable upgrades.

Until then….TaMara


A Little Update

Photo by Shannon Lukens

Photo by Shannon Lukens

I wanted to just do a bit of an update since I haven’t been posting many recipes. Life has become very focused on house hunting (and work, and Bixby). Over the last few months I’ve really honed in on what I am looking for, which doesn’t make it much easier in this crazy market, but at least I’m not wasting everyone’s time looking at every house that comes up. I won’t lie, it’s been discouraging, but in the midst of it, I’ve met some incredible people. One of my clients builds houses and today went out of his way to look at a house I was wavering on, to give me his very expert opinion. I have another client who remodels houses and he’s been offering advice on what to look for, and then there are the myriad of friends who have lent their support and taken time out of their schedules to come look at houses along the way. So, I view it as an adventure and a journey…and the house will find its way to me.

 This is one of my favorite Colorado photographers. Lars Leber.

That being said, I am repelled by my kitchen. I spend as little time in there as possible, which is why I’ve had nothing much new to post. But I hope you’ll stick with me until I can unveil the new kitchen, which I am sure will inspire me to cook again.


All is not lost though, I am actually working on few recipes for Bixby. One my sister-in-law sent me and another is a way to make some training treats for him and I want to try my hand at homemade biscuits. I’ll share those in a week or so.  Although, I’m a bit leery, because trying to cook for the cats never went over well and they are back on commercial cat food. Because fresh fish is obviously not good enough for them. Little furry hellions.

I also have a couple of nice summer vegetable recipes tucked away and if I can find my inspiration, I might try my hand at them before too long. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up, as I’m finding it difficult to do even the most basic cooking to make sure meals don’t dissolve into revolving takeout.

How about you? How do you cope when you’ve lost your desire to cook even the most basic foods?

Stay tuned, I’m sure things will get interesting… Until then – TaMara