Again with the Huevos!


DSC_5951 [1600x1200]I have a bad habit of buying perishables and bringing them home and then letting them go bad before I think to use them.  I’m particularly bad with avocados.  This one I used in time, there is one more on the counter.  At least when bananas go brown you can bake bread with them.  Hmm… avocado bread?  Nah.

Breakfast Pr0n – Huevos Rancheros

DSC_5860 [1600x1200]

Here are a couple of eggs cooked sunny side up amidst chorizo sausage.  I managed to slip the most of it out of the skillet onto a toasted tortilla and garnished the plate with fresh chilies, a scoop of refried beans, cheddar, and a hank of cilantro.  I also have a glob of salsa on there I was trying out – it’s billed as  “Key Lime Salsa” and there was a definite flavor of lime to it.  Pretty good, I like the lime flavored Cholula brand hot sauce too.DSC_5868 [1600x1200]

Looks like a Lazy Sunday brewing today.  The front across the region brought cool temps and steady rains.  We made a dash through the local farmer’s market yesterday looking for tomatillo sets but found none, aside from a purple variety that I’m sure is tasty but unsuited for a salsa verde.  We didn’t set out with the market in mind so I failed to grab a camera for pictures.  My dumb cell phone has a camera but it’s so lame I refuse to use it.  We had headed to a store near the market that has a pretty good selection of outdoor grills.  More on that tomorrow, weather permitting.

Breakfast Pr0n

This Tex-Mex favorite is a classic in its own right.  Huevos rancheros are a breakfast staple of the Southwestern states out of Mexico.  This plate features chorizo sausage, spicy refried beans, and deep fried tortilla wedges along and atop the fried eggs.  Garnishes today are shredded cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, pickled jalapenos, and a tomato salsa.  Sprinkled with a nice ground dried chili pepper/salt seasoning mix.…

I had a few wedges left over so I made a snack plate up with them and some of the beans.  The tortillas only take a minute to fry up in a deep fryer and they are well worth the warm-up time for the oil.

Random pics and a kitty

TaMara has been carrying the load here lately while I’ve been playing with gadgets and ripping a raft of CDs to MP3.  I thought it a waste to keep an ipod in the truck glove box hooked to the audio system so I ordered a big thumb drive to replace it.  I have around 14 gigs of rock and pop from the ’50s through the ’90s saved to a folder on an external hard drive that I will copy over to the flash drive when it arrives.  I will have plenty of room on it for more.  I hate the dippy radio jocks and ads that come with them on the local  classic rock station.

Here are a few pictures of food, and one of a kitteh looking all serious.

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Mmm… Food!

I haven’t been doing anything much in the way of testing new recipes these last few days.  Sure, some embellishments on tried and true dishes that are fun and tasty but I feel that the recipes for these items  are evident to the discerning eye so I won’t bother to list them.  Sorry TaMara!  LOL

Enough talk, let’s eat!

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