I was stalking that Monarch in the sunflowers and saw this hummer taking five among them.The Mexican sunflowers were a big hit with the butterflies this year and Mrs J is planning for more next year.  I’m not sure what the seeds look like but I expect to see  finches after them later on.

Sunday Morning Sunshine

I mowed yesterday to beat the thunderstorms nature laid on for us overnight.  It was needing it because the last time the grass was so high and wet that I set the mowing deck as high as it would go.  It had a head start.

Late Season Hummer

I keep thinking all the hummers must be gone by now and the hummers keep showing up.  This gal is probably a transient on her way south.  We’ll keep a feeder up for a while longer so as not to disappoint any stragglers.

Late September Hummer

The hummers are thinning out, this probably won’t be the last one we see but I’ll not bet the house on that.The cigarette plant is still going strong, Mrs J re-potted it last month and it really liked the sisal container it ended up in.  The flowers are so small that the bird doesn’t spend much time at any of them, just a methodical survey of each.They are acrobats on the wing.  I zoomed way in on this capture when I noticed its backwards tilt.

Feed Me!

For some reason, my flock of hummers has a favorite feeder.  The feeders are identical, and I have moved them around so I don’t think it’s a particular location.  I’ve filled them all from the same batch of nectar so it isn’t taste.  The feeder you see them swarming in the video is the one they’ve chosen, I’ve filled it three times today while the other four are still on the first fill.

[edit]: whoops, I have my phone set to take max resolution video and it’s taking a long time to load, sorry ’bout that!


DSC_5285 (1600x1060)More random wildlife!  A snapper makes his/her way across the lawn.  It’s dry so I know it’s been on the road for a while, but there is a pond in sight from where the picture was taken.DSC02312 (1600x1200)We don’t know much about this orange kitteh, it was found in a cardboard box with a sibling.  They are about 8 weeks old and are ready for adoption.DSC02310 (1600x1200)The first one looks a lot like our newest kitty, this one lacks the white patches.  I’m sure there is a name for the different color schemes but I don’t know what they are.  Mrs J says she just calls them orange tabbies.DSC_0378 (1600x1060)Tacos!  These are roast pork with minimal garnish – a smear of beans and a spoonful of salsa with sprinkles of green onion and cheddar.  The general term for the main filling is carnitas, which means “little meats”.DSC_0374 (1600x1060)The coconut curry chicken we had over rice the other day was also good on these garlic mashed potatoes.  I wish I was better at cooking for two, we still have another little bit of this leftover.DSC_5307 (1600x1060)It’s so hard to catch these hummers in mid flight, especially with the long lens I had on my camera.  This was snapped as he approached a feeder and hesitated while he chose a spot to land.DSC_0364 (1600x1060)I’ll wrap up with a classic picnic plate of burger, beans, slaw, and potato salad.