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DSC_5177 (1600x1060)Katie was enjoying the first snow free day a little too much.  It’s a good thing she got her ya yas out because we got more snow:DSC_5186 (1600x1060)It started out with a little sleet but that turned to snow and that fell all day and didn’t taper off till after dark.DSC01872 (1600x1060)

Not quite six inches.  I got out on the tractor today and bladed the drive.DSC_0034 (1600x1060)One of Mrs J’s fortified carrot cakes was reward for my labors.  It’s a box mix with extra shredded carrot, raisins, and crushed pineapple.  Mmm… moist and sweet, especially with the toasted coconut on the cream cheese icing.  There’s a little orange zest sprinkled on there, too.  Smelled great!DSC_0028 (1600x1060)Quesadillas with egg, roasted pork, and cheddar garnished with sour cream and a nice hot sauce.DSC_5175 (1600x1060)Ginger Boy oversees doggie dinner prep.  Mrs J buys dry kibble and leavens it with her own blend of goodies.  She adds cooked chicken, rice, cottage cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, liver, and ground beef in varying proportion, cooking it up in big pots and freezing it in plastic containers.  The pups love it so she must be doing it right.DSC_0039 (1600x1060)A stir fry with chicken and various veggies over yellow rice.  Not bad but far from my best effort.


Better Burger Buns

DSC_9870 (1600x1060)The last buns I made didn’t turn out very well so I went looking for another recipe.  Google returned a recipe from the folks at King Arthur Flour that promised beautiful buns.  I’m not going to argue that they’re the bestest evah! but they are very good.DSC_9875 (1600x1060)The recipe made 8 jumbo buns but could easily make 12 regular sized ones.  My oven is still running hot, these were in my oven, set for 375 degrees, for only 12 minutes or so.  I think if you go by the color you will be alright.  You’ll want to set a timer for half what you think is long enough so you can rotate the tray and that will give you a good idea of where you are.DSC_9877 (1600x1060)I made cheeseburgers to give them a real world try out and they did very well.  If they had been officers in the Great War they would have been mentioned in dispatches.DSC_5044 (1600x1060)Bonus photo!  Homer wants very much to be a dog.  He gets along much better with the dogs than he does the other cats.

Pasta and a Sausage

DSC_9727 (1600x1060)I found some unlabeled sausages in the freezer and just assumed they were the store brand Italian sausages that I buy in bulk and repackage for freezing.  Turns out they were bratwurst.  They weren’t any worse for simmering an hour in the sauce but I did miss the nice fennel flavor I was set to enjoy.DSC01479 (1600x1060)Bonus puppeh!  Katie has made a home out of the corner in the library, with a able assist from Mrs J, of course.

Random Wildlife

DSC_4551 (1600x1060)Thunderstorms are looming, we can hear the rumble to the SW.  Mrs J thought it a good time to make a quick doggie run before the storm breaks.  Katie found a turtle interesting enough to bark at it, summoning me with a camera to take this shot.

This is the season for the turtles to crawl away from the pond to lay eggs, we see them often, enroute.

Katie Gets Her Scooter On

Critter Updates

DSC_4484 (1600x1060)Katie has finally come off the leash for an entire walk.  She has been allowed to run a bit with a longish rope attached to her collar and her good behavior persuaded Mrs J to allow it.  DSC_4485 (1600x1060) She sticks pretty close but she does get out of sight with Jack or Annie for short jaunts but, so far anyway, has come running back when called.DSC_4487 (1600x1060)Little Ginger kitteh has sampled the great outdoors for the first time.  He’s cautious but we expect he will be crying to be let out soon enough.20140113_121655 (1600x1060)Mrs J kept a close eye on him, and tied a string to him to make him easier to catch if he had other thoughts.20140113_121548 (1600x1060)He was ready to come back in.  Outside is big.

Katie Update

DSC_4384 (1600x1060)Katie is still easily spooked but Mrs J has been letting her off the leash a little during their walks and Kate seems to be doing well.  Mrs J is easily spooked, too, so anything that seems not quite right and Kate is right back on it.  Katie comes when called and is “checking back” when she is off so Mrs J is slowly letting Kate go longer and father away.  She has gone far enough to be out of sight but readily returned.  Progress!


DSC_4225 [1600x1060]We often see wasps at the nectar feeders but this is the first time I’ve seen this many honeybees at one.  First time I’ve seen this many honeybees in a long time, actually.  I wonder if they are a new swarm looking for a nest site and stopping by the feeder on their way.DSC_4204 [1600x1060]I think they just call an assembly of turkeys a flock, but a swarm would work.  Or a congress.  That one may already be taken.IMG_2973 (1600x1200)Here’s the male of a brother and sister pair of terrier mix puppies.  IMG_2958 (1600x1200)And the sister.  Mrs J said the previous owner took ill and was put into a nursing home by his kids.  They turned the dogs loose.  They were picked up by a neighbor and kept until the shelter had an opening.  They are leash trained and housebroken, their meds are up to date, and they will be spayed and neutered.IMG_2983 (1600x1200)Here’s a kitteh, one of those that were part of the colony that came down with a respiratory illness.  A visit to the St Francis Facebook page will yield more info on the dogs and cats. IMG_2939 (1600x1200)And a quick update on the ongoing Katie integration project.  Here she is with Bea kitteh and Annie, the Brittany Princess.  She loves her some Mrs J but would prefer to not be in the same room with me, unless I have a treat in hand.  She is coming into the kitchen to eat with the other dogs but she is still quick to run away if anything isn’t quite right.  She is eager for her walks, still always on a leash.  I have no idea whether or when Mrs J will let her out without it.  She will make that call.DSC_6914 [1600x1060]Mmm… biscuits and sausage gravy.  These biscuits are another success for this recipe.  I fold the dough over on itself several times while kneading it, makes for a nice flaky, layered biscuit.20130918_164650 [1600x1060]Jack doesn’t get much exposure so here he is with an expression I will make no attempt to characterize.


DSC_3968 [1600x1200]I haven’t mentioned Katie for a while.  She is still jumpy and shy, spending most of the day by herself.  She readily accepts the leash when Mrs J calls for a walk, running to the door and eager to go.  In this photo she shares the sofa with Annie, having been spooked out of her usual spot by the vacuum running nearby.  Mrs J has finally made contact with the initial foster of Katie and has a little more info on Katie’s previous life.  She was picked up as a stray in Oklahoma and had just had a litter of puppies.  They surmise she was a “barn dog” and was about half wild.  US Dept of Ag regs require two weeks of fostering (quarantine?) and proof of vaccinations before they can be shipped across state lines.  The whole rescue was arranged via Facebook.DSC_3974 [1600x1200]This spring I saw some mini sweet pepper sets at the local big box parking lot garden display and bought three of them.  I planted them in my biggest container and was gratified to see that they were just what I thought they were:DSC_3973 [1600x1200]Pretty little peppers, and by some stroke of fortune I got all three colors.  Each plant has one color of mature pepper, they all start out green, of course.  This was a stab at stuffing them with cheese but my method needs work.  I did eat them all.  The farmer’s cheese was good, I used it in lieu of cream cheese, baking the blanched and stuffed halves.  Alas, I overstuffed them and thus refuted the “more is always better” canard.  Good thing I lined the tray with foil.DSC_6477 [1600x1200]Leftover pork and beans?  Everything is better in a burrito!  These were filled with the beans and the pork from yesterday and were fortified with cheddar and doused with salsa and Cholula.IMG_2411 (1600x1200)Post needs moar kittehs!  Here are a few kittens ready for adoption from St Francis.  And a puppeh!IMG_2424 (1600x1200)


DSC_3805 [1600x1200]She has recovered from her surgery without any complications.  She still acts afraid of me most of the time.  She did come to me when I got out of bed this morning, as though she really needed someone to take her outside to pee.  We had a successful outing.  Mrs J is usually her go to “business” partner.DSC_3799 [1600x1200]Here’s Jack, atop the sofa in front of the open window.  The other dogs are slowly warming to Kate.  Jack has been the slowest to thaw but he no longer seems as resentful.  He has growled at her a few times.PICT2711 [1600x1200]