What Do You Mean You Want To Make The Bed?

When the kitty won’t move, you just have to make the bed around him.

Zander yawning since he was so rudely awoken so I could make the bed. Poor babies.



Here’s half of the kitteh crew, the youngest half.  They’ve arranged themselves on the tree by order of seniority – Bitsy on top, Ginger Boy, and Ollie, the newest addition.I tried a couple of those refrigerated pizza crusts that come rolled up in parchment paper.  I figured they couldn’t be too bad.  I figured wrong.  Those roasted garlic cloves were very good – cooked at 400 for 45 minutes or so.I peeked into the oven after 14 minutes and saw that the crust edge had little or no color so I gave them a few minutes more.  That was a bad call.  The edge was hard and tough, the rest was just tough.  I have a tube of pizza dough that they package like the biscuits that you rap on the counter edge to pop open.  I’ll give that a go but my hopes for it are limited.It’s getting to be soup weather – the temps are below 90 and that is what we call fall weather these days.  I made a potato soup – boil some ham hocks in chicken stock with onions for an hour or two then add chopped potatoes and continue to simmer until they are soft enough to run a stick blender.  Take out the ham and set aside to cool, run the blender, then pick the meat off the hock and return to the soup.  I added a splash of half and half and melted in a handful of shredded cheddar but that’s optional.I still had a package of sour mustard greens that were an ingredient in this dish – pork belly with mustard greens.  I thawed some of the pork belly I had saved from our last trip to our supplier to use in this and I have the rest of it curing for homemade bacon.  Still have a few days left before that will be ready.I thawed a brick of the last batch of red beans and made a new batch of rice to go with it.  I can see why Louis Armstrong often signed letters “Red Beans and Rice-ly Yours”Tsk tsk, I see Homer has been out frog hunting again.  He’d best hope he doesn’t step in a snapping turtle’s open maw.


DSC_6136 [1600x1200]You may remember this soup from a few days ago.  I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the mung bean noodles.  I’m all puffed up and itchy with a whole body rash that I’m treating with antihistamines with some success.  At least I’m not scratching myself bloody.  I’ve had a reaction like this before, a couple of years ago.  At the time I blamed it on something in this soup:DSC_0645 [1600x1200]It’s made with assorted sea critters.  The day after I ate this I started noticing bumps and rashes and puffy eyes.  I rode it out with benadryl and haven’t bought any more of the frozen seafood since.  This time around, I suspected the mung beans may have been the culprit because they were the only thing unusual to my regular diet, notwithstanding the lag time between ingestion and peak symptoms.  I wondered if the soup I made with those seafood items used mung bean noodles so I looked through my archives.  Nope – those are ramen noodles and I’ve eaten them before and after without problem.  I did see this from a few days prior:DSC_0183 [1600x1200]There are the mung bean noodles.  The lag time is what threw me off before.  On reflection, I can see that the reaction built over a few days, I noticed some odd bumps on my hands and fingers earlier and though maybe they were from poison ivy or oak because I had pulled some weeds out of the garden.  At least this is something I can avoid without much problem.  I just hope the mung bean hypothesis is correct and it isn’t something else.  I did have a peanut butter and jelly sammich within the same time frame.  Here’s a cute kitteh for you:IMG_2108 [1600x1200]It’s a new arrival at the shelter.  Mrs J took a scad of pictures trying to get a good one, this is the only one that isn’t blurred by movement.  He was a squirmy little kitty.  And speaking of squirmy little kittehs, here’s one I dug out of the archives.  It’s Bitsy tasting a nose:P1000102 [1600x1200]She was a brand new kitteh for us when this was taken. I made a stab at a double crusted pizza the other day, I made a regular cheese crust pizza, then added a layer of sliced provolone and covered that with another layer of dough, then built the pizza out with sausage, mushrooms, and onions:DSC_6150 [1600x1200]