Kitteh Needs Caption


With apologies to JW, but this kitteh was just begging for a caption.

Random pics and a kitty

TaMara has been carrying the load here lately while I’ve been playing with gadgets and ripping a raft of CDs to MP3.  I thought it a waste to keep an ipod in the truck glove box hooked to the audio system so I ordered a big thumb drive to replace it.  I have around 14 gigs of rock and pop from the ’50s through the ’90s saved to a folder on an external hard drive that I will copy over to the flash drive when it arrives.  I will have plenty of room on it for more.  I hate the dippy radio jocks and ads that come with them on the local  classic rock station.

Here are a few pictures of food, and one of a kitteh looking all serious.

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That last batch of muffins went fast.  They had some ripe bananas on sale (manager’s special!) the last quick trip Mrs J made to the store so she bought a bunch.  Time for more muffins!

This time I had bananas aplenty.  I made some additions to the same recipe I linked to last time-along the same lines as for my last batch.  Then I made additions to my additions.  I used more chocolate this time, four ounces of Baker’s sweet chocolate, about a cup of hazelnuts, and a good cup and a half of raisins and chopped dried apricots.  I soaked the dried fruits for a half hour to hydrate them a bit.

I had enough batter to make 16 muffins.  We only had 12 cupcake paper cups left so I just buttered four of the cups in that old muffin tin of Mrs J’s.  They popped right out.  It looks like the old tin made slightly bigger muffins than the newer one, but for some reason the four muffins in it baked quicker than the dozen in the other.  I pulled those four from the oven after 20 minutes, and left the others for another three or four.

Bitsy helped out a lot.

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Fun So Far, but the Day is Yet Young

Visited the pond site, the boys are hard at it again today, the thing is shaping up nicely.  Talked to them yesterday about seeding and mulching, also discussed some technical points on the overflow and outlet pipe elevations, the contour of the finished dam top, back slope, and etc.  Took the dog boys with me again, and a great time was had by us all.  Toured down to the creek to finish the doggie run, and hauled a couple of rocks back for Mrs J’s garden.

Discovered a bunch of jalapenos that I didn’t know I had, Mrs J mentioned she uprooted the pepper bushes, she didn’t say until today that there were still peppers on them.  She figured we had plenty already.  Nonsense.  Decided to go with a no boil canning method, sterilized the jars and lids, boiled vinegar and water with salt for the packing medium, and then sliced the peppers.  Packed those into jars and poured in the vinegar brine, then capped the jars with the dome lids and rings but didn’t do the boiling water bath.  Put up six pints that way, then experimented a bit with some whole peppers left over.  Had some of the vinegar brine left so I poked holes in the peppers and tossed them into the brine to simmer a little, added some oregano and garlic, a few tablespoons of olive oil.  These went into a sterilized quart jar.  All the jars sealed.  The recipe said a 2 week wait for full flavor to develop.  These should retain more “crunch” than those that get the boiling water bath treatment.

And…the usual kitty things, Homer playing with a bit of fluff.  A big green worm on one of Mrs J’s container plants caught her eye and she summoned me to take its picture.  Nearly time for lunch!  Where does the time go…

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