Breaded Shrimp and Sides

DSC_7926 (1600x1060)A quick Saturday supper.  Frozen shrimp and onion rings aren’t the best but they will do.  Lots of slaw left and we will get one more sitting with the beans.

Breaded Shrimp

These are the last of my shrimp.  Shudder to think where prices are going to go with all the oil loose in the Gulf.  Most recipes say to leave the tails on, that does make them look identifiably shrimp but leaves a bit of litter on the plate.  These you just pop into your mouth and eat.  Simple enough to do these, the peeling and deveining take longer.  Put the shrimp into a bag with some flour and shake to coat, then dredge them in beaten eggs and roll in the breading.  I used panko this time, it’s my personal favorite for this.  Drop them into 350 oil till they’re brown and serve them with the sauce of your choice.  The ketchup/horseradish cocktail sauce is good-add a little lemon and a shot of Lee & Perrin’s.  Tartar sauce works for me, Mrs J stays solely with the cocktail dip.  I like ’em both.

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