Rice noodle dish

Another episode of Google aided recipe hunting.  Always good to go with a recipe from the first page of hits.  I forget the search terms but one of them was “rice noodles”.  This recipe caught my eye today. A quick check of the ingredient list told me I needed some fresh bean sprouts.  Had to go to town after them, so I made sure to get more stuff.  Even bought and installed a three way switch for a kitchen light fixture that had gone bad.  I digress…

The sauce is mixed and ready to go here.  Everything except the shrimp is called for in the recipe.

The chicken and mushrooms are done, adding the red bell peppers.  Give them just a minute because you want a bit of body left in them.

The noodles have been soaking in hot tap water, and were drained and rinsed in cold running water.  Now in they go with the sauce poured atop them.  Use tongs to lift and stir the noodles to coat.

Now the beans sprouts, just a minute or two until plating.

I added the pre-cooked shrimp at  the end.  Ready to plate.

Rats!  Forgot the lime wedges.  I added some more sriracha sauce to mine on the plate.  I call it rooster sauce.  Iasa gets a kick out of that.  LOL



Please, using that glop from the store is family abuse.  Too easy to make and so much better.  Quit beating your wife!

Scoop the goody from three avocados and squeeze the juice of a lime over it.  Mash with a good old potato masher.  Now remove the seeds from a tomato, or two if they’re small, and dice them, now dice a smallish onion.  Sprinkle some ground red pepper and salt on the avocados and fold in the tomato and onion.  Ta Da!Enchiladas would be good with these.  Stay tuned.