Pork Chop Pr0n

Sous vide for a few hours this morning, set at 132°, then seared in olive oil and butter.


Mmm… Meatloaf Dinner

Your basic meatloaf, half beef and half Italian sausage with milk and crumbs and Parmesan and herbs and spices.  Ketchup with brown sugar and worcestershire sauce for the topping.  There’s onions and peppers in there.  Hard to go wrong but it can be done so don’t take that as a challenge.Mrs J was wanting mac and cheese and green beans because that is what you serve with meatloaf in these enlightened environs.A good time was had by all.  Gabe got some cheese sauce flavored pots and casseroles to lick out and he did a very good job.  Such a good boy, yes he is!

Maple Cranberry Glazed Chicken

DSC_9678 (1600x1060)This was going to be maple mustard glazed chicken but I used my leftover cranberry sauce instead of the mustard.  It was a last minute call influenced by my extreme desire to not waste anything.  I’ve been looking at the cranberries stuck way back there in the fridge ever since the holiday and decided now or never. The mustard will keep.  It went down just like in the linked recipe.  The chicken was juicy and tasty but I don’t know if I’d go with the maple syrup again.  Honey would work.  I have a big box of dried cherries and this is giving me ideas.

Cajun Crawfish Mac ‘n Cheese

DSC_9668 (1600x1060)I  had a few crawfish tails left over from last night’s pizza I needed to use pretty soon so I had that in the back of my mind as I idled through a few searches this morning.  No one chimed in with an answer for my question “what would be considered a typically Cajun cheese’ so I entered “Cajun” + “cheese” into the search box hoping to stumble across an answer.  What I got were dozens of recipes for “Cajun mac and cheese”.DSC_9671 (1600x1060)This seemed a perfect place to use up those extra tails.  The crawfish already had a goodly amount of Creole seasoning so I added more and minced a jalapeno for extra fun.  Those are the last of my ridged jumbo elbows so I’ll be needing to make another run to the country store.

Roasted Garlic Mac & Cheese

DSC_9212 (1600x1060)Mrs J was calling for mac and cheese today to go with the chicken thighs she brought up from the basement freezer.  I looked around and settled for a recipe Google served up that looked nice.  I have to mention that the roasting head of garlic really smelled good this morning as I was gathering all the ingredients.

Toasting the panko with butter was a nice touch but I nearly let it get away from me.  Only a few of the crumbs turned black before I removed the sauce pan from the burner – the toasting was quick once the pan reached temperature.  Don’t forget to reserve some of the pasta water, it sure did look soupy going into the casserole but it needed every drop.DSC_9205 (1600x1060)The recipe mentioned ramekins and I remembered to fill these two.  I set all the dishes on a baking tray, the big casserole (13″x9″) didn’t bubble over but these little fellows did.