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Random Wildlife

20160917_1457181600x1200Saw this gal on the hummers’ favorite feeder the other day and nudged her off.  She came back to it yesterday.DSC_0926 [1024x768]I’ve seen them on there before.  I took a few pictures of this one a couple of years ago and didn’t think any more about it until someone mentioned that they have actually captured and eaten hummers.  That kind of freaked me out.20160917_1612111600x1200So I flipped her off of the feeder again.  Remarkable how much grip they get on plastic and glass.  I wish I had waited a little – there was a wasp just the other side that I didn’t notice until the mantis was on the ground.  You can just make out the tips of the wasp’s wings in this photo.  Click on the photo to for larger size.


DSC02458 (1600x1060)This scared looking minipin, Hannah, is a refugee from a breeding program and is gradually learning that not all humans are assholes.  She turned up at a shelter in a neighboring town but they had no luck placing her – staff at St Francis said they would try their luck at finding her a home.20150611_165955 (1600x1060)This mantis was hunting ants on my parsley, I took out the cell phone to see how it would work for macro.  This is the best I could do, he was very lively and scurried around trying to avoid the looming rectangle.  He’s only an inch long, or so.DSC02479 (1600x1060)Mrs J tried several times to get a decent photo of Suzy, this one is as good as any.  There was one that would have been really good due to the expression on her face but it was, alas, just too out of focus to use.20150611_163448 (1600x1060)Steak and fries with garlic green beans.  The trick to the beans is to cook them a bit before dumping them into a pan with garlic butter to heat through.  Nice thing about it is that you can boil or steam the beans ahead and then finish them quickly when the rest of the dinner is ready.  I dug a huge rib eye steak out of the freezer, one that I had the butcher cut off of a rack of them.  I couldn’t find a mate to it so I cut it into two steaks and trimmed it up some.DSC02487 (1600x1200)Amelia is a Siamese about 1-1/2 years old.  Mrs J says she’s a squealer – if a dog or another cat touches her she becomes very vocal.20150612_121932 (1600x1060)I have a thing about cheese crust pizzas.  Thing is I just love them!  This one has the meatballs you can see, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and onions that you can’t because of the cheese, unless you look really close.  I do see an olive or two peeking through.

Teeny Tiny Mantis

DSC_3795 [1600x1200]Mrs J spotted this little mantis on one of her container daisies.  It’s the first one we’ve seen this summer. I quite like these things.  This one noticed the camera lens and scurried off a ways.  They often stake out a territory.  I’ve found them is the same general location day after day.  This one is so small that an ant will be a good meal – something as large as a ladybug would be too much to tackle.


I stumbled across this photo while browsing the referrer logs on my Flickr stream.  It’s from a Tumblr blog posting but I can’t find the original now so I can’t offer attribution.  I love these insects.  I think it’s the first time I’ve seen one with wings extended.  Some kind of threat display?

Mother Nature? She’s a cold one.

I was watering the herb garden when I noticed a large brown mantis head for the high ground.  There was something odd about it:I thought it might be molting.  I’m not really sure, could be wings developing as per normal, I haven’t made much of a study of these things despite them being one of my favorite insects.  In the top two, actually, the other would be the hummingbird moth that you’ve also seen here if you’ve browsed around the blog very much.

I went back inside to do a few chores and went back out after to see how the mantis was doing, if there was a change I could document.  There was something picture worthy, alas, but not something I was expecting:Thus the post’s title.  Momma Nature don’t care what you like.

Rain drops keep falling on my head…

Not really rain, though I wish it were.  Daily watering is needed to keep the container plantings alive.  I was sprinkling the parsley when I saw this mantis scurry out of the shower.I have a conflicted view of these insects due to one looking to eat a hummingbird last year.  Still, it’s hard to blame an insect for doing what Nature has programmed them into doing.

For some reason the mantises don’t seem to be fearful of humans, this one was more interested in licking the droplets off his antennae than in the camera lens pushing closer and closer.

I vaguely remember reading that it was not uncommon to keep a mantis as a pet – locked up within a small cage and fed the occasional treat.  I wouldn’t want one but I can well imagine why someone else might.

Do you have a favorite “bug”?