Friday Recipe Exchange: Pumpkin Patch Edition


I made pumpkin bars by request a week or so ago for a friend’s birthday. You should always have whatever sweet treat you want on your birthday. That recipe is here.

It put me in the mood for more pumpkin. I don’t go crazy and want everything pumpkin flavored during the season, I generally stick to pumpkin donuts (Dunkin Donuts are my preferred and difficult-to-acquire style), pumpkin bars and the occasional pumpkin pie. I prefer the Pumpkin Cream Pie that is the featured recipe tonight, to a traditional custard style pie.

That does not mean I don’t have a bunch of pumpkin recipes at my finger tips. To see everything, click here and it will take you to the pumpkin patch, er, page.

Last week when I mentioned tonight might be pumpkin week, several people sent me links to recipes and these two caught my eye:  from Mnemosyne: Mini Pumpkin Pies (recipe here) and a savory, Roasted Pumpkin Soup from Emeril – click here – (sorry I couldn’t find who sent this to me).

Friend of blog, Tes from posted a good looking and definitely unusual, Pumpkin and Coconut Curry (click here).

And on a non-pumpkin note, this week’s menu of Lemon-Nut Pork Chops and Raspberry Poppyseed Cake is here.

There you go, a nice mix of sweet and savory for your pumpkin cravings. So what are some of your favorite pumpkin recipes? And what’s on the menu for this beautiful fall weekend, food or otherwise?

We’re not done yet…there’s still pie: Continue reading

Mmm…Chicken Pot Pies

I came across some mini pie tins the other day, 6″ across rim to rim and about 1-1/2″ deep.  Perfect for individual sized pot pies.  Mrs J made some pie crusts the other day and saved them to the fridge. They were from the same recipe we’ve had so much luck with lately.

The pictures will pretty much tell the tale-but they can’t reproduce the aroma of the tarragon from the simmering chicken thighs.  Seriously, get some dried tarragon and use it in your next chicken dish.  Mmmm

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TaMara’s Apple Thingies

Not gonna call these cookies, more like little pies (tarts?).  Mrs J managed to make 12 with dough left for one more.  TaMara’s must be much thinner. I’m all ready for Mrs J to make some in blueberry and strawberry.  Next time these get baked in the little paper muffin cups because they don’t seem to want to come out of the tin.  Rather than destroy them trying to remove them we have them in the freezer-they should pop right out when frozen solid, and a quick turn in the microwave should warm them right back.  So…no “tastes great” report right now.

(Ah, I see, Mrs J used standard muffin tin, not the mini-muffin thing.)

[Edit:]  Added pics.  We got the tarts out of the pan with little damage once they froze hard.  We did dislodge a few nuts.  Taste?  Looking forward to the berry versions!

Here are some pics:

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