Y’all behave now…

Homer will not be recipe blogging in my absence.

I know I’ve been rather absent lately (or as one of the guys at work said to me yesterday, “really enjoying that Jeffrey guy’s blog” – snark, we live on it here at the office).  I will be travelling, again, this week, so unless I get really efficient in the next few hours, you won’t see much of me until next week.  My apologies.

Luckily we do have JeffreyW, who has been on fire of late (just his food blogging and photos, not his actual cooking – unless he’s been hiding his blackened meals from us) so I know I am leaving you in good hands.

That is unless of course he suddenly lets Homer start recipe blogging.  I swear if I come back and there is one mouse recipe posted I’m grounding everyone.

(And yes, I had to repost JeffW’s Homer photo because it wasn’t disturbing enough the first time).

Have fun, be good and I’ll try to bring you back something nice from my trip.  Until then…

Some Random Pics

Slow going today, rainy and cool.  Mrs J went to the dentist and came back saying tomato soup was all she could eat.  Toby caught a mouse outside and brought it in.  He let it go for later.

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