Breakfast pr0n – steak and eggs

Still working on that beef brisket from the other day.  Here is a bit of it with three eggs fried sunny side up served on a loaf of nan.  Perfect for sopping up the runny yellows.  Is a piece of nan bread properly known as a “loaf”?  I’ve called them rounds before because loaf just didn’t seem correct but that is probably a cultural bias.


Some of my favorite fast food.  I bought a 5 lb brick of the lamb loaf already cooked and sliced, and froze it in meal sized portions.  There is enough left for one more meal for the two of us.  I like the nan loaves but they are not ideal for gyros, at least these aren’t.  They are just a tad thick, and they break rather than fold.  Great flavor, though.

Breakfast Strata

I bought some brown mushrooms the other day and they weren’t getting any fresher so they needed to be cooked into something.  What the heck is a breakfast strata?  I didn’t have any idea there was such a thing until a Google search for “mushrooms + breakfast” landed me at this site.  The recipe was a guide for me this morning.

No bread in the house!  Ack!  Wait… I do have some nan in the freezer.

With just a little trim it fit right into my little round casserole dish.  I had a half stick of Andouille sausage left from my last gumbo so I diced that and cooked it with the mushrooms and a diced onion.

So, after drying nan loaves in a low oven for about a half hour one went into the bottom of the buttered casserole and was topped with half the mushroom sausage mixture and a half cup of shredded cheeses, then another layer the same way.

And then the half and half/egg mixture was poured in.  I didn’t bother to open a bottle of white wine but I did beat in some dried parsley flakes.

I covered the dish with plastic wrap and set a small dish atop that weighted with a jar of mayo and set it into the fridge to let the nan soak up all the eggy goodness.  Was telling myself how crafty I was when I went to get some cream for my coffee and saw that the custard was all over the shelf in the box.  Ack!  Ok, Ok, I should’ve held the mayo! [groan] Try the veal..

Anyway. I let it soak for an hour (more would be better) then added more cheese to the top and slid it into a 325 oven for just about an hour.  Ta Da!

All in all, this I will rate as a success.  Next time I will have some better bread and I’ll take the time to let the dish soak, maybe overnight in the fridge.