Good Morning

DSC_4064 [1600x1060]I see this most mornings out the kitchen sink window.  Hummers flocking around the nectar feeders, backlit with early morning sun.  I set the shutter speed to max  and ran the aperture setting up and down the stops, looking at the results on the LCD screen.  I wanted the bright glow in the nectar to dominate and to stop the motion so that the wings were sharp.  I forgot to change the ISO setting from auto so the camera ran it to the maximum of 3200, giving the photo that grainy look.

Hungry Hummers

Using my mad cine skilz this morning.  Actually the first video I’ve taken with a handheld camera.  The hummers are tolerant of my presence, mostly, but there are fewer feeding than when I thought “I need to get a video of this!”.

Hummer action

Woke this morning with 3″ of rain in the gauge and vague memories of thunder rumbling throughout the night.  The skies are still cloudy and we’ve had another shower or two but I think the main body of rain is drifting off to the East.

We keep hummingbird feeders right outside the kitchen window and we really had a treat this morning.  For some reason, unsettled weather turns these little birds ravenous.  It’s so hard to capture the scene in still photos and I don’t really have a video camera even if Nikon tells me my camera is sorta video capable.  I settled for some fast “motorized” clicks.

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This type feeder holds about a quart.  The one on the right is the favorite of the five feeders we have up, it needs filling twice a day.  The others average about once a day, just a guess because we don’t keep records or anything.  We do go through the sugar at a rapid clip.


They are starting to show up in good numbers now that the first nesting period is coming to a close.  We put up two more feeders today, they’ve been going through about 3 quarts of nectar a day, emptying the favored feeder before the day is out.

New Record! Yay Me!

Watched a squall line pull close on the radar, knew the hummers were going to hit the feeders hard, so I sat on the porch and waited for them to gather.  Snapped off a couple of dozen as they swarmed the feeder and just now edited the take.  A new personal best!  I count 17 in one of the pics, maybe two.  Here’s a good sample from the morning shoot:

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A New Record! Yay!

Mrs J and I maintain several hummingbird feeders throughout the summer, and have for more years than I can count.  At times the feeders are swarmed by thirsty hummers, evenings and the minutes just before a thunderstorm are prime times.   I have been running a little contest with myself, trying to get as many hummers into a single frame as I can.  It’s not an obsession by any means, though it is entertaining.  My best, up until last evening was 12.  Several times I’ve tied that number but last night’s session brought me a new record.  I count 14.  Yay!

I’m counting the male seen behind the left feeder glass, even though only the red throat is visible.  Click on the photo for bigger picture.