Yeah, yeah.  Been there and done that.

Deal with it.  This is seriously good stuff.  I did make this batch a bit differently than the last few.  I used the counter top roaster to cook the pork and added a bunch of onions and dried peppers to the pan with the meat.  Cleaned a  head of garlic and slipped most of the head into slits cut here and there on the roast.  Took the powdered dried peppers I made a while back and gave everything inside the pan a good dusting with that, along with some onion powder and plenty of ground black pepper.  Poured in a good quart of chicken stock and turned it on to 350.  I shoved a temperature probe into the sweet spot and set it to beep when it got to 165.  Worked like a charm.

I took the cooked roast out and set it to cool on a board and then strained the peppers and onions and other solids from the juices left in the pan.  Ladle off the fat from the good stuff or do as I did–put the bowl into the freezer until the fat hardens and you can lift it out.

Drag out the blender and dump in the solids you strained from the drippings and the defatted juices and pulse to puree, add chicken stock or water to make it thin enough to pour back into the pot.  Those chilies and cooked onions with a few cloves of cooked garlic make a super duper flavoring.  I enhanced mine with a few chipotles in adobo sauce.  The juice of a lime will work well in there.

Shred or chop the pork when it is cool enough to handle.  Peel off the fat and gristly parts.  Dump the meat into a big stock pot, add some hominy, a few more onions cut up into largish pieces, add enough chicken stock to cover well.  Add the puree of peppers and onions and bring the pot to a simmer, keep it there for at least an hour, longer is better.  Give the broth a taste and adjust for salt and heat.  Add more pureed  chipotles, perhaps with some red pepper flakes or whole dried chilies.  Knock yourself out.  I like a good bit of oregano in mine, I put in a good tablespoon-that’s in 5 quarts or so, maybe 6, of soup.


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If it wasn’t for bad luck

Not that I’m complaining.

Been the last few days enamored of a new little piece of hardware, a Mifi 2200 that will pull in 3g data from the cellular network.  We are in a fringe reception area but we get enough signal to make it work.  I’ve been running a demo unit from the local Verizon store and was pretty happy with it, all in all.  Decided to bite the bullet, went to ebay and bought one cheap.  Heh.

Seems I was a bit confused about things.  They would have given me one free with a two year plan.  I was hoping to avoid a two year plan with the private purchase.  Well–I did avoid the contract.  I tried to activate the thing last night over the net but it seemed I couldn’t get it going, I kept clicking on “10 gigs/month for $80 plan” and I was being redirected to the “which device do you want to buy” web page.  Didn’t want to buy a device, I had one.  Frustrated, I registered the device in the pay as you go (prepaid) plan and got the device authorized for a month with a 5 gig cap.  Figured I’d go in to the Verizon store front and upgrade the plan to what I  wanted.


I can go online right now to the Verizon store and order a new 2200, get it free when activated with the 2 year 10 gig/month plan.  I can’t take the one I already own in and get the plan upgraded “until you’ve been on the pre-paid account for 6 months”.

“You mean I can order a 2200 with the two year plan already authorized on it and the device is free?”


But I can’t put the same plan on this one?”


“Why?  That makes no sense!”



Mmm…pork roast.