Nice Buck


Critter Cam

I was meaning to put this up yesterday and got busy and forgot.  We get a fair variety of critters and varmits.  Some deer, the raccoon family, and a coyote makes it into one frame.  This is roughly one night at the feeder, from evening to morning when Mrs J replenishes the corn and other seeds and picks up the memory chips.  The camera is usually off most of the day.

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New Feeder Cam

The old camera has been failing intermittently for a while now.  It would fail to turn on, or to record pictures, or be working fine then quit for no reason we could determine.  We tried new batteries, new memory cards, and basic resets but we decided we just could no longer rely on it.  I ordered another camera, from a different maker, and set it out.  It seems to be doing OK, it was initially set to be a tad too sensitive and we were getting some empty frames caused by wind or some such.  The documentation and manual that came with this one are sorely lacking but I managed to find the adjustment method and dialed the default setting back from high to medium and it seems to be doing fine.

We didn’t turn it off yesterday all day so it captured a series of pictures of mostly birds at the feeder.  A cool and mostly dreary day brightened some with some sun in the afternoon.  Here are a few captures from the day’s take:

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Night Visions

We see deer every night, and often see raccoons and skunks.  Isn’t often we see them all together like this.  The skunk and the ‘coon are literally rubbing shoulders in the one picture.

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Winding Down

We usually run the feeder camera at night.  Mrs J grabs the memory card in the morning when she is replenishing the feeder so we can look at the previous night’s take and save interesting captures.  I was thinking the times stamped on the pics didn’t seem right so I brought the camera inside yesterday to check the clock setting-it was off by 2 hours or so.  I turned the camera on when I returned it to its housing.

The deer are there every night, a small buck showed the other day.  They are welcome, but the skunks are also showing every night now.  They are more troubling.  We don’t begrudge them their forage-the buffet is open to all-but we worry the dogs will meet them one night when they are let out for that last call for doggie business.  Oh well.

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