Breakfast Pr0n

A Denver-ish omelet.  More a frittata, although I did try to fold it over.  Lacks mushrooms but it does have all the other elements: eggs, onions, green peppers, diced ham, and cheese.I’m loving this new stove.


DSC_9801 (1600x1060)Mmm… rib eye steak with rosemary potatoes fried in duck fat, and stir fried asparagus.  This is about the fifth best photo of this platter but all of the better angles revealed a (gasp!) hair.  It’s still there in this one but the light doesn’t catch it in quite the same manner and it’s not something you would find without some advance notice and some scrutiny at a higher magnification.  Of the three entrees the potatoes took the longest to cook.  Some recipes call for them to be par-boiled but I went with a straight up skillet fry.DSC_9809 (1600x1060)The asparagus we had with the steak came in a sizable bunch so I kept some back and used it this morning in a frittata/omelet with a sliced onion and a bit of ham.  Mrs J took a portion of orange chicken and rice to work with her the other day but brought it back because they had a spread laid out for lunch.DSC_9811 (1600x1060)The leftovers were perfect for a nice fried rice dish – this one has bacon, peas, green onions, and an egg added to the plain rice with a splash of oyster sauce and soy.DSC01684 (1600x1200)St Francis is in the middle of moving out of the old house that the shelter was established in and into their new building.  They’ve been saving up for a while and doing sales and auctions and hitting up local animal lovers for cash, the new headquarters is nearly half paid for already but they could always use more help.DSC01676 (1600x1200)Mrs J says they aren’t quite done with the finish work in the kitteh section of the new digs but these may be the last pictures taken of cats in the old house.  They are taking bids for the demolition.  It really was falling down around them.DSC01692 (1600x1060)We’ll have photos of the new place soon-ish.

Mmm… breakfast pr0n

Not too sure what to call this because it seems to be straddling the line I have in my head between frittata and omelet.  I consider it too thin to be a proper frittata although to class it an omelet seems to diminish it in some way that I can’t quite put my finger on.

At any rate, there isn’t anything hidden, what you see is what it is:  Grape tomatoes and broccoli florets sauteed in olive oil for a bit, then three beaten eggs poured in and finished in my little counter top oven.  I changed my mind two or three times over what cheese I wanted.  Nearly went with blue cheese, then considered mozzarella, and decided to grate some aged Parmesan.  It was good.

Mmm… omelet

I was wondering what to fix for breakfast and was idly Googling around when I ran across Mr Breakfast.  A fellow runs a good chance of finding an idea there, and an even better chance of finding he can’t really make up his mind!  I decided to keep it simple with this omelet because I had everything the recipe calls for.  I like the step by step photos, and really like the way this guy attributes the material.  I subbed some blanched broccoli florets for the green onions.

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Roasted tomato omelet

I’m really loving these little roasted grape tomatoes, I’ll be roasting more as they come ripe.  The toast is a slice of that garlic sourdough, I froze one loaf.  Think I’ll start another batch with even more garlic this time!   Mmm…garlic.

Some breakfast

Sorted through some veggies in the fridge and found some broccoli that looked tasty.  Added some red onion and a bit of diced bell pepper and my omelet was ready to go.  More of a fritatta, I guess.  Grated some parmesan on the top and finished it in the toaster oven.

Hot today and I’m hoping to stay inside as best as I am able.  The grass is loving this weather, it seems.  I can let it go for a few days yet, mowing promises to be miserable as there isn’t a break forecast for the whole week.


Shrimp Omelet/Frittata

Snowing here in Glorious Southern Illinois.  I’ve been listening to some science fiction podcasts downloaded from Clarkesworld magazine. Finally realized I had everything I needed to listen to my iPod over my home stereo system.  Had been listening solely via ear buds.

I got mad at Sirius satellite radio and cancelled my subscription and was floundering about trying to find some spoken word entertainment.  I realized I have an iPod full of podcasts that was way underutilized.  The factory radio in my truck is pretty old and wasn’t high end when it was new.  A lot of the newer radio packages allow you to easily hook up an MP3 player via an aux in port, and now with USB ports right up front.  Alas, mine doesn’t have a way to input direct with a cable so I had to go with one of the gizmos that use a low power radio transmitter to beam the audio to the FM radio.

The problem with hooking the player to the stereo with the 3.5mm to RCA audio cable is that you don’t have a remote control.  I’ve spent less than an hour looking but so far haven’t found a simple iPod dock with a remote.  I’m sure there are some out there, the ones that do what I want are too pricey for me right now.

What has this to do with a frittata?  Well, I did say I was listening to the podcast as I cooked and ate breakfast.


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Homemade Chorizo Update

Last seen here a few days ago, the chorizo has been in the fridge getting all comfortable with itself.  I took a little bit out for a test spin this morning.  So far so good!  It was great this morning with some beaten eggs as an omelet. Rolled into a wheat flour tortilla and eaten with some salsa, it was a real winner and fast becoming a breakfast favorite around here.


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