Sammich Pron

20161217_163414-1600x1200Sloppy Joe with Cheese


It’s been a week or so since the cicadas emerged from their 17 year dirt nap and they are making up for lost time.DSC_0437 (1600x1060)I tried a box mix onion ring batter for these and didn’t much like the result although I did manage to choke a few down.  The sammich is a turkey salad made with a generous amount of crumbled crispy bacon with celery and sweet relish.  Much better than the rings.DSC_0429 (1600x1060)I posted a photo of this chicken while still on the grill the other day.  Here it is plated with the baked beans and a few cold sides.DSC02319 (1600x1060)Post needz moar kitteh!  I don’t know anything about this one other than it will be available for adoption soon.DSC_5324 (1600x1060)I don’t have many pictures of Toby that don’t have him giving me a suspicious glare.  Look up scaredy-cat in the dictionary and there he is.DSC_0443 (1600x1060)I don’t make compound butters very often but I really should pick up my game.  This one is a dill butter with a drop of lemon juice and a dash of cayenne and it went really well with this lemon butter fish filet.

Onion Rings

DSC_8412 (1600x1060)I spent most of the day mowing and running errands so dinner was rushed a bit.  I had a Vidalia onion I needed to use up because they don’t keep very well.  I remembered the trick of battering them with pancake batter so I pulled out an envelope of the “just add water” style instant mix.  I gave the cut rings a dusting with regular flour before dipping them into the batter in an effort to get the batter to stick well.  That seemed to work well enough.  The slaw was made with one of the copycat KFC slaw recipes that abound on the web, I did use some creme fraiche today in lieu of the milk and buttermilk.  Also on the plate tonight are fried cod pieces that were floured and then dipped in egg and then floured again before frying.

Fish Fry

DSC_7854 (1600x1060)I changed my usual fish breading for one I hoped would be a little bit thicker, and more crunchy.  I had been using a commercial breading mixture, dredging the bare filets through it and then straight to the hot oil.  This time I beat an egg into 1/2 cup of milk and soaked the filets in it while I added corn meal and regular flour to the store-bought mix.  It turned out pretty well.  (The rings and mushrooms are from frozen, they have their own breading.)

I love slaw on most any sandwich and these fish filets are no exception.  I also made a quick tartar sauce with mayo, sweet relish, horseradish, chopped fresh parsley, and lemon zest.