Mrs J found this Regal Moth in her flower garden, it seemed to be some distress.  She left it in a little concealed nook and has since seen it a couple of times in different spots.I had an oops! moment last week – I left the butter dish atop the toaster oven and needed something to use up all that melted butter.  Pineapple upside down cake worked admirably.  It could have used a bit more oven time to caramelize the pineapple layer.  Inverting the cake onto a sheet of parchment paper was a stroke of genius, he said, patting himself on the back.More sous vide rib-eye.  I made a pan sauce in the cast iron skillet used to sear the steaks.  Deglazed it with white wine and then added the sealed bag liquids and the garlic butter left from the mix used for the bread.While I was searching the freezer for the rib steaks I came across a couple of strip steaks.  I knew them to be tough so I put them in the water bath with the rib-eyes and let them run overnight.  I sliced off a bit to sample in the morning and found it very tender.  Mrs J started chanting “cheesesteak!  cheesesteak!” And that’s the rest of the story.My cayenne peppers are nearing harvest, they’ll be dried and processed into red pepper flakes.The habaneros are starting to ripen.  They are just too hot to use up in the small amounts we can tolerate – I still have ground habs from two years ago.  They are pretty, though, and I’m sure I’ll want some growing next year, too.Naan pizzas!  These are just great for quick and tasty dinners.  These have olive oil and garlic, provolone, cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme, deli sliced turkey, salami, shredded pizza blend cheese, and fresh grated Parmesan.I’ll bookend this post with moths.  Here’s a hummingbird moth browsing through the flowers on the catmint.


Not much going on around here.  The gardens grow and the rain comes and goes.  I’ve managed to keep up with the mowing and I am ahead on the roasting of coffee.PICT3755 (1600x1060)You may not be able to herd cats but they will follow a leader.  When they feel like it. DSC_4602 (1600x1060)Bitsy likes to hang out with the herbs.  These are on a bench on the patio out front.  I suspect it’s the bench that is the attraction rather than the rosemary.DSC_8380 (1600x1060)We left the Memorial Day picnic laden with leftovers.  The beans were a big hit but the broccoli salad wasn’t.  I chopped the two big chicken breasts the host sent us away with and made chicken salad from one and combined the other with bbq sauce.  This is a leftovers lunch I made the next day with some of the chicken salad.IMG_5020 (1600x1060)This post needs mozr kittehs!  Here are three that have recently come in to the shelter.  I know next to nothing about them.  Mrs J is doing her shift at the shelter today and will probably come home with more pictures.DSC_4618 (1600x1060) The first jalapeno!  My pepper garden on the patio is finally producing actual peppers.  The Anaheims are doing well:DSC_4617 (1600x1060)I have a tiny cayenne, and the serranos are coming on fast.  I have a couple pots of those petit sweet peppers that come in several colors but so far only flowers.DSC_4620 (1600x1060)The cherry tomatoes are vigorously producing flowers and there are quite a few marble sized green tomatoes but only at the bottom.


Garden Update

It’s been a while since I wandered through the garden with the camera.  Mrs J gathered a peck of tomatoes early today so there weren’t a lot of red ones left.  The jalapenos seem to be doing well.  We stripped the bushes last time we harvested but there were plenty of flowers coming on.  The banan peppers are doing fair.  Seems as soon as the peppers start getting some color something feasts on them.  The bell peppers are much the same.  Looking forward to freezing more of those.

Mr J brought in a good sized bucket full of romas this morning.  Half of those went into the oven to dry and the other half, along with the big boys, were boiled down to a nice sauce.

Here’s the garden:

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On Assignment

EDIT from TaMara:  I’m reposting this because these are some beautiful photos and this is when everything went kaplooey.  So if you missed it first time around, it’s summer and time to enjoy repeats.

TaMara asked me if I would do a diary on our pitiful veggie garden.  We are not avid vegetable gardeners but there is an itch to put something into the ground.  Mrs J is more into flowers so that’s where her main energies go but she found some time earlier to put some tomatoes and peppers out.  My hand in the enterprise is minimal, tilling prep and hauling mulch from the big pile we have right next to the plot.  The garden plot is a kinda sorta raised bed.  I dug it out pretty deep a few years ago and amended the soil with about 30 bales of peat moss and a trailer load of good compost.  It represents the best dirt we have on our whole place save for the containers scattered about on the patio.  We like the tomato cages.  Made from a roll of wire that was left over from a concrete pour.  We reuse the same ones every time we have tomatoes, keep them in a shed overwinter.

Here’s the progress.  Mrs J set the plants out 8 May so we are looking at a month of additional growth from then:

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