Baby Update: ADOPTED!

Baby won the lottery. Great family. He jumped right in the car with them.

Have a great life my buddy.


Baby Day 4: Blossoming

This is a big deal. He didn’t even know what a toy was and I gave him the platypus first day as a comfort thing. He ignored it.  Tonight he realized it was something he could chew and snuggle with. That created another problem – my pups are used to playing tug with them, so he thought Scout was trying to take it away from him. So we had some lessons here – Scout had to learn that Baby growling means he wants space and Baby and I worked with the toy – taking it away, having him sit, giving it back, rinse, repeat.

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Ducks or Dogs?

The ducks made it clear when they arrived that when the dogs eat, they eat.

They also prefer dog food, no matter how many duck crumbles I add to it, I usually end up dumping most of them out every few days.

In the video, I’m shaking their bowl, but only to get them to look at the camera. All I need to do is step outside and say “breakfast” or “dinner” and they are front and center.

I feed them away from the dogs because they have no problems going up to the dog bowls and pushing their way in. Both dogs back off, unhappily, but I don’t want to risk there being any snapping at the intrusion.

Funny thing, when I was uploading this video, this video of Bixby popped up and I noticed it had 6.6K views. Whaaaattt???


Kindness Ranch: Cute Critters and Quiet Retreat

Was glad to help promote a great animal sanctuary on my work blog.  Thought I’d go ahead and share it here, too.

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We know many of our clients personally and often attend their events and contribute to their charities.   So it just seems a natural extension to promote them on our blog.  We are happy to use this platform to help you reach out.   I was thrilled to learn about Kindness Ranch this morning from one of our Solar clients.  Here’s some information on this great organization.  If you’re looking for a sweet companion, check out their animals up for adoption.

Rosco stole my heart a bit.

Kindness Ranch is the only sanctuary in the US that takes in all kinds of research animals. While new, it is the result of a decade of work, saving, and planning.

Laboratory animals have long held a special place in the heart of Dr. David Groobman, Founder of Kindness Ranch. Successful in business, Dr. Groobman first saved enough to provide for his family into the future. Once this was accomplished, he dedicated all the profits of his business for ten years to the ranch. He searched four years to locate the perfect 1,000 acre parcel near historic Hartville in Wyoming.

Groobman’s passion attracted caring board members to the cause. Together, they began planning for a sanctuary with the expectation that the residents will always receive the best in animal care and that dogs and cats would be rehabilitated in a home-like environment. Ground was broke in 2006. After building four guests yurts, a dog yurt, a cat yurt, and a managers’ yurt, construction was finished in the summer of 2007.

The benefits to the animals are obvious: they are well-cared for in every aspect of their lives.

Besides rescuing everything from dogs to pigs, you can also take advantage of the serenity of their Wyoming location and take a time out there:

The Hartville area of Southeastern Wyoming is steeped in history. Here you can find peace and serenity, wildlife and outdoor activities, and, of course, the Kindness Ranch. As a Kindness Ranch member, you can stay in one of our beautiful yurts. Use it as a base while you visit local sites or stay here and help us care for the animals.

Head over to their page and learn more about the good works they do.  And if you would like us to promote your event or charity, hit the comments or send us an email:

2011 Calendars are here! Help an animal in need.

The team over at Balloon-Juice had  an amazing inspiration:  take the photos of all of our pets and compile them in a calendar to help animal rescue.  The results are awesome and the proceeds go to a good cause, so order yours now!

Link to order here.  There are other items available, too, so peruse the store and see who you can cross off your Christmas list.

Here is a preview:

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