Photo Fun


A couple of Gabe’s selfies with some old codger.  These are via two of the filters on the Prisma app, I disremember the names.  Gabe started out aside me, then he climbed onto my lap, the squirmed his way to a spot over my shoulder – finally hopping down off the back of the chair.

A Little Distraction

Kitty in a bag1

Hmmm, I wonder what could be in my grocery bag?

Kitty in a bag2

Well, look, it’s a kitteh! Silly kitteh, no treats in there.

A little slideshow of my walk today. My muddy, slushy, warm walk. Click on any photo to start the show:



Good Morning

DSC_4064 [1600x1060]I see this most mornings out the kitchen sink window.  Hummers flocking around the nectar feeders, backlit with early morning sun.  I set the shutter speed to max  and ran the aperture setting up and down the stops, looking at the results on the LCD screen.  I wanted the bright glow in the nectar to dominate and to stop the motion so that the wings were sharp.  I forgot to change the ISO setting from auto so the camera ran it to the maximum of 3200, giving the photo that grainy look.

Eclipse Mocks Me

This was the peak of the eclipse. Click on any photo to embiggen.

As you can see, clear to the south, clear to the north. But smack dab where the eclipse was happening…not so much.

It made for some pretty lighting.

A few more shots from cycling this afternoon:

Blue Columbine – this is the Colorado State Flower

Pelican Party

Playing with Shadow and Light

Obligatory Cat Pic

Still playing with the new camera.  Finding some things I’m not liking about it.  Seems to pixelate at light levels I wouldn’t expect.  And I seem to be over exposing in bright lights on auto exposure.  I’ve only been playing with the auto features while I got use to it.  I think it may be time to take things into my own hands and do some manual work with it.  Auto samples today:

Playing with Shadows

Playing with light



Your Sunday Moment of Zen



Busy day, but I did get out for a short hike.  The sun created some dramatic shots of the clouds to the east.



This one isn’t quite as intense as the top photo, but I liked its colors.


Click on any photo to see full size.  Still losing a lot in the compression.  I’m going to download some different software this week and see if that helps.

Calendar Pets

Balloon Juice is running a fund raiser for a favored pet rescue/pet shelter and the plans are to sell calendars featuring pet photos sent in by readers.  They limit submissions to two pics per pet or I might have gotten carried away.  Here are the pics I sent in:

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