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Sammich Pr0n

We haven’t featured one of these in a while – found a packet of pastrami tucked away in the freezer so I put together reubens.  We like the thousand island as a dip.


Sammich Pr0n

The gas grill sputtered empty mid-cook, we had a spare bottle handy but that one is nearly out, too.  Maybe a trip to town next week to swap them both out for full.  I hate to go during the weekend because crowds.  Those delicious Vidalias are in season – I love a thick slice on my burgers.

Sammich Pr0n

Sammich Pr0n – Cheeseburger

Sammich Pr0n


Sammich Pr0n – Cubano


Sammich Pr0n – Reuben

20160319_131500 (1600x1060)This is what I had in mind for the leftover corned beef from that corned beef and cabbage dinner.  I put the bread with the meat and cheese in the press to melt the cheese and toast the rye, adding the ‘kraut and dressing at the table.

Sammich Pr0n – Pork Tenderloin

DSC_1864 (1600x1060)Pork tenderloins, pounded thin, make for fine sammiches.  I floured this one, dipped it in egg, and then into bread crumbs.  Fry in a half inch of 325 degree oil – too hot and the bread crumbs will burn.  They will cook pretty quickly being all thin like that.  I stirred sambal chili paste into mayo for the garnish spread on it but you can use whatever suits you.  I had no lettuce or there would be some on there, shredded just so.

Burger Pr0n

DSC_1152 (1600x1060)Make mine POM – pickles, onions, and mustard.  It might just be my favorite version but I won’t turn down a nice mushroom swiss burger.  That tomato cucumber salad in the back was the enhanced version, it had feta and balsamic glaze and was terrific.DSC_1155 (1600x1060)

Sammich Pr0n – Sloppy Joe with Cheese

DSC_0682 (1600x1060)I made my usual sloppy joe filler with hamburger, chopped peppers, onion, ketchup and bbq sauce then juiced it up with a fair amount of mild gardiniera mixed right in.  I like to lay slices of a nice melty cheese atop the simmering meat mixture and cover the pan until the cheese melts down a little.  Scoop a nice dollop onto a bun and go from there.DSC_0695 (1600x1060)Bonus pickles!  Mrs J found the last batch a bit too spicy for her taste so today I went with the same basic recipe sans the red peppers.  Left out the onions, too.  Oh, and added dill seed and weed to replace the celery seed.  And Splenda for half the sugar.  I did use white vinegar and mustard seed!  So, mostly the same!  LOL