Wood Grill Roasted Whole Chicken

A friend of mine will be disappointed that I did not do beer can chicken. but I did not have a can of beer handy.

This was roasted on the wood grill and it just couldn’t be easier. Start at 400 degrees (F) for 15 minutes reduce to 350 degrees (F) and cook until 165 degrees in the breast. I let it rest for 10 minutes and legs, thighs and breast were cooked perfectly. Continue reading


New Smoker/Grill

I’ve been wanting one for a while. This week seemed like a good time (why, how would you celebrate your new book?).

It was easy to put together and a breeze to operate. It is electric and uses wood pellets. It has a flame feature so when you want to sear that steak, you can do so easily.  It has temperature settings and a great meat probe.

I’m not sure Bixby approves. He’s suspicious of anything bigger than him.

I’ve grilled chicken, hot dogs and Italian sausage. Tomorrow I’m having a get together and I’m doing Chicken Kebabs.

Looking forward to a lot of summer grilling and I might even try to smoke a brisket.

I’m going to have a house-full all next week and then I’ll be on the road for a while, but I’ll have my computer with me, so I’ll try and do a few posts. I’m sure there will be a lot of good food. I’m wanting to try and create a strawberry-lemonade cake.

Until then…