Random Wildlife


Another Fine Day For It

20151013_095818 (1600x1060)A different pair of friends paid us visit today to fish the back pond.  It’s tucked away in a hollow down below the house a ways.  They had pretty good luck with the bass.20151013_113632 (1600x1060)I didn’t try to count them but that cooler is half full.  One of the lads threw spinner baits whilst the other drowned night crawlers looking for bluegill and redear sunfish.  There a a few underneath the bass but not that many.20151013_113705 (1600x1060)I insisted that they hoist the cooler and grin at me so I could properly document their day.  A good time was had by all.

Watching Geese

DSC_3353 [1600x1200]Watching to be sure they don’t do anything she doesn’t approve.  We get the occasional geese on the front pond, these were not there yesterday.  I wonder how long these will stay, they seem unperturbed by my presence or Katie’s barking.  The day opened bright and clear after rain yesterday.  Colder now with the passage of the front.  They are saying another taste of snow and sleet is on tap for later in the week.

Turkey Day

We keep a video camera overlooking a feeder at a pond behind the house.  The green box in center frame is an automatic corn slinger that spins into action 4 times a day and throws corn all around, some even  as far as into the pond.  We get all the usual critters but lately we have been seeing more turkeys than usual.

[edit to add:]  this camera doesn’t record audio, sorry!


Pretty lazy day today.  Took the boys and Annie out for a nice little run.  We went to the new pond to see what the last rain did for it.  Still a long way to go but I am pleased to see that the fescue I sowed late last year has taken root.  I paid special attention to the dam and that seems to have paid off.  I went round and round the thing with a spiked roller behind my little tractor to help provide a welcoming seed bed for the grass.

I’ll pay a visit to the hatchery near us and buy some minnows to stock it with in the spring.  That will help to provide a forage base for the bass and bluegill later on.  I haven’t made up my mind whether to put catfish in this one.  I’m leaning against it right now.