Sammich Pr0n



20160626_164853(1600x1200)Mrs J is from a small town a stone throw from the Mighty Mississippi and she grew up eating fish from those waters.  She won’t go long without demanding fried fish for dinner.  These are cod fillets instead of catfish but she was satisfied nonetheless.  The tartar sauce has a ton of dill in it.DSC03588(1600x1200)Someone found this old dog astray down by the county line and brought it in to St Francis.  Poor dog looks to be half starved.  I’m sure the good folks at the shelter will have him bulked up faster than you can say Chris Christie.DSC_5907 (2) (1600x1200)I took this one of Toby and Bea a few years ago and ran across it while browsing through my archives.  The original was in color but I’ve run it through an editing program to convert it to B&W and added some film grain with an appropriate filter.  I like it better this way.20160629_131759(1600x1200)Moar sammich!  I always make what looks like way too much salad garnish for these things but I manage to eat it all – I keep adding back what falls off so every bite has plenty of crunch.DSC03602(1600x1200)Kittehs!  Mrs J says she is just the sweetest little thing.  They’ve named her Socks.  She’s about eight weeks old.  She likes to reach out and pat you with her cute little paw.  Peeking out from atop the other shoulder of the volunteer is a little gray and white boy kitteh, Fraggle.  He’s a tad younger that Socks.DSC03603(1600x1200)This little calico is named Lizzie.  She’s ten weeks old.  Mrs J doesn’t have any info on the other kitty.  They are snuggled together in one of the kitteh beds she makes

Sammich Pr0n – BBQ Pork

DSC_0237 (1600x1060)Another homemade bun with some roast pork and Sweet Baby Ray.  I made the eggs with a dab of the tzatziki, mayo, and a whiff of sour cream.  There are chives in there as well as the dill from the tzatziki.DSC02186 (1600x1060)Bonus Kitteh!  Toby fled under the couch during a thunderstorm, here he is checking to see if it was safe to emerge.

Mmm… roast pork

I mentioned that we roasted a small chunk of lamb for our big holiday dinner.  The size of the roast made me realize that we didn’t have a proper sized roasting pan.  We have a couple that are huge, big enough for the largest turkey and they’ve seen a lot of use over the years.  What we didn’t have was a pan sized for the smaller cuts like the 3 pound leg of lamb.  I remedied that.This one is by Chicago Metallic and measures 13″x9″ and is just over 2″ deep.  Pressed and formed from steel with a non stick coating that I hope holds up.  It wasn’t very expensive but I didn’t want to spend a lot on an occasional item.  I did try it out right away.

That pork butt has been in the freezer for a good while, bought during a pretty good sale on pork.  I think I paid twice as much for the lamb and only got half the meat.  I knew that a good sandwich would have to be the first thing so I made some buns from the same recipe I used on those hot rolls.

Worked out great.  Made a super lunch when paired with some french fries.  I used the BBQ sauce from this recipe.