Mmm…southern recipe pork sausage

While rummaging in the freezer yesterday I found the boudin sausage that I made into a breakfast with scrambled eggs.  The boudin wasn’t the only find.

I also have on hand some Cajun/Southern recipe fresh pork sausages.  I have packages from a couple of different makers, both are very good, and I’ve had others still yet that were every bit as tasty.  There is just something about the recipe they use, added spices, better meats maybe?  Alas, the label on this package was faded so badly I can’t give a shout out to the maker.

These are great as breakfast sausages, too.  I could probably dig through the archive and find a nice picture of them with some eggs and toast.  Aha!  Success!

Yay! My Turducken Came!

I’ve been hearing about these things for years but have never done much more than wonder how they are.  We are way too lazy around here to even consider putting one of these things together and I have never seen one offered for sale locally.  I decided to order one this year for Thanksgiving.

Last winter, near Christmas, I took a chance and ordered some perishable foodstuffs from a vendor in Louisiana and had good luck.  The items came packed with dry ice in a styrofoam cooler-everything was frozen solid as a brick and it arrived in good order.  The shipping was steep, as expected, but not unreasonable.  The folks at the other end insist on sending these packages 2d day delivery via one of the major outfits-this time it was FedEx.

Yes, I took pictures:

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Breakfast, Lunch

I bought some sausages from a grocer in Louisiana a while back, and have been working down the inventory.  In my order were these, a breakfast style pork sausage,  some andouille, boudin, and another brand of breakfast sausage.  I have to say, that none of the sausages offered at my local grocery can compare.  The outfit down there has an extensive mail order operation and may be worth your while to check them out.

The sausages came packed in a styrofoam cooler, frozen, with dry ice keeping them that way.  The shipping charges were pretty reasonable, more so, per item, when the order is larger.

Also on the plate today are hash browns- made from Yukon Gold potatoes, and fried eggs.  This is the breakfast I fixed for Mrs J, she prefers her eggs to be cooked hard, without runny yellows.  I waited a little, and had a couple of sausages on a bun.

Making Chorizo

I was lamenting the other day that there wasn’t a nearby source for delicious chorizo sausage.  I bought some links the other day and have used them to great success in breakfast omelets and burritos and today’s edition of yummy breakfast burrito was no different.  Alas, I used the last of the chorizo.

Yesterday I meet a need by baking my own pitas rather than mope about the kitchen wishing I had bought more the last time I was at the market and that same spirit of can do animated my [Ed: please, dude, you are beginning to cloy] … OK OK, turning the smaltz spigot off…where was I?  Ah, yes, looking for homemade chorizo recipes.  Success! There are several recipes at that link-the one I used as a template was the one titled “Chorizo Autentico”.

Made a few changes:  Didn’t add the 6-20 hot peppers, and didn’t put in the cumin seeds (I was out).  I wasn’t sure what “pure ground red chili” was so I used some dried “California” chilies and a couple of dried ancho chilies.  I added a few tablespoons of chili powder and a few of paprika as well.  And, just because I had some, a couple of sprinkles of ground coriander.  The rest of the recipe was unchanged.  I did whirl the dried oregano in the spice grinder-the same machine that I used on the dried chilies.

In a few days I will report the outcome of the morning’s effort.

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