Instant Pot: Al Pastor On Crispy Tortillas

pork al pastor tostada

We went horseback riding yesterday and I wanted something quick waiting for us when we returned. I had this recipe tucked away and it seemed like a great time to try it.

The instant pot (multi-pot in my case) can be used as a pressure cooker or slow-cooker for this recipe. I used a hybrid method. Continue reading

Sammich, Finally

I’ve been holding a bottle of a mojo marinade for a long time.  I finally used it on this pork shoulder.  Just poured it into the pan with a bunch of garlic and several very coarsely chopped onions.Poked holes in the meat, shoved in more garlic, and loaded this into a 220° oven all night.  I waited till evening because I wanted to make sure that the 12 hour auto-shutoff was disabled.  Still going this morning so we’re good, there.Drain the fat and chop it up:
Our peppers are almost done, I do have a few of those little bitty red peppers but the Kroger garden is going to have  to do  for a while.  Winter gets its  turn.The mojo sauces are citrus-y sorts of things, I wondered how it would go with a drizzle of habanero orange.  I liked it a lot, YMMV.

Adventure in Sous Vide

20161011_1833261600x1200I was hoping this pork shoulder would really take on a lot of the flavor of this mojo marinade when I vacuum sealed it in this pleated bag.  Alas, the bag was a poor choice as it turned out.20161011_1948051600x1200It looked good here, but it was just getting started.  I set the temp at 175 and let it run all night.  Alas, the bag developed a leak, I fault the high temp and the fact that the pleated bag meant that the sealer had to heat through 4 layers for a seal.  I don’t know if a regular bag will hold but I am unlikely to test it at that temperature again.  Maybe 160-165.20161012_0955121600x1200At any rate the internal temp made it only to 165 and needed a boost if I was going to be able to pull it apart.  I gave it a rub with my generic mixture and put it into a 400 oven for an hour and some.20161012_1057581600x1200That worked very well, I didn’t wait for it to cool enough for a thorough pulling, instead chopping the big pieces up in a different pan with that heavy spatula/scraper.20161012_1102481600x1200While the shoulder was in the oven these buns were prepared for baking and they went into the already hot oven as the meat was being chopped20161012_1149391600x1200All in all, the sous vide fiasco was disappointing but the shoulder wasn’t totally ruined.  I was hoping to use the pork in a mostly authentic Cuban sammich.  I’ve been told that the mojo pork is key for those.  Sad!


DSC_6543 [1600x1060]Here is the pork shoulder I hinted at the other day, it spent all day in the smoker sitting in a pan of apple juice and garlic.  I made Mrs J a sammich from it and then broke it down into suitably sized portions for the freezer.  Not a lot going on around here.  The tomatoes are really going gangbusters, we have a huge pot of juice boiling down.  DSC_6545 [1600x1060]We had tacos today.  These are grilled chicken and sliced peppers with cotija cheese and Cholula in lightly fried corn tortillas.  Tasty!  The Anaheims and jalapenos are from the patio container garden.DSC_4018 [1600x1200]I found Bitsy tormenting this stick insect and rescued it, placing it into a nearby bush.  It seemed no worse for the encounter with the cat.DSC_4015 [1600x1200]I mentioned these mini sweet peppers the other day.  We have three plants growing in the same pot and lucked into three colors of peppers, each plant producing a single color.  I popped this tray into the freezer and then bagged the frozen peppers.  There are more on the way, and the cayennes are producing well. The Anaheims are loaded down, too.IMG_2496 (1600x1200)Here’s a cute puppy.  Mrs J says she doesn’t know anything about her.  Some dachshund in there, maybe.  Here’s another cute pup:IMG_2526 [1600x1060] There were three of these found walking down a local road.  They got a much needed bath because of fleas and are feeling much better with some chow in their tummies.  I imagine they will be adopted quickly.  Someone brought in an unwanted litter of six basset mixes:IMG_2490 [1600x1060]

IMG_2495 [1600x1060]

St Francis

Sammich Pr0n – Pulled Pork

DSC_5897 [1600x1200]Here’s some of that last pork shoulder that I did in the new grill.  It turned out pretty well.  Those fries are what I would call culls from the operation of my French fry cutter.  I separate out those pieces with skin all along one side and freeze them in their own bag.  The intention was to use them for the more informal dishes and to have a ready supply for the pups – they just love French fries.DSC_5892 [1600x1200]This roast sat in the smoker about nine hours and was finished in the electric oven while covered in foil.  I pulled it out to rest and cool when the thermometer hit 190 degrees.