Sammich Pr0n – Sliders

DSC_6716 [1600x1060]

Sammich Pr0n – Italian Beef

DSC_6664 [1600x1060]It’s been a while since we had Italian beef.  This was a top sirloin that roasted with plenty of garlic shoved into cracks and crevices, and then braised in the pan drippings, beef broth, and sliced onions for a few more hours,  This one was seasoned with dried oregano, basil, and more garlic.  Can’t have too much garlic.  There’s a school that insists that the roast has to be sliced thin and then braised but I usually just wait until the meat starts to fall apart on its own and then help it along with a big spoon.  The cherry peppers are from last year’s garden and they are quite good.  I used a pinch of calcium chloride when I packed the jars and I can attest that it works as claimed to keep the pickles crisp.  Still working on that gallon jar of giardiniera.  Sigh.

Breakfast Pr0n – Chorizo and Eggs

DSC_6599 [1600x1060]My local Kroger store surprised me the other day when they had chorizo sausage in one pound “fatties”.  Surprised as much by the price as the fact that they had some.  Ninety-nine cents apiece!  I would have bought more than the half dozen I did but I didn’t want to be tagged as a hoarder.  LOLDSC_6602 [1600x1060]I left one out and froze the rest for later.  I am not at all surprised that there are recipes out there for cooking these things whole.

Breakfast Pr0n – Quesadillas

DSC_6542 [1600x1060]Chorizo and Monterey jack in the quesadillas, garnished with guac and sour cream, the Tex-Mex seasoning I like, a wee sprinkle of cotija cheese and more of the Monterey jack.  Gotta have eggs and hot sauce.

Looks like it will rain all day.  We were needing some.  I have a pork shoulder in the smoker.  I set up in the garage and now it’s pretty smokey in there.  It would be setting off alarms if there were any in there.

Breakfast Pr0n – Chorizo and Eggs

DSC_6534 [1600x1200]On a bed of fried tortilla wedges with a sprig of cilantro, fresh jalapenos slices and Monterey jack for garnishes, and a liberal dose of Cholula hot sauce.  Alas, I plated the eggs under the chorizo, displaying poor planning for the picture.  I will give you another!DSC_6535 [1600x1200]

Food Pr0n – Cheesesteak Fries

DSC_6520 [1600x1200]Made with my favorite cut of beef, the flat iron steak.  When the local market has then on sale I usually pick up a few.  The cheese sauce was made from four different cheeses with havarti and Muenster predominating and a bit of cheddar and American.  The fries are store bought shoestrings.