One thing I’ve discovered when I had ducks the first time – wildlife seems to think your yard is the safe place to hang out. Even with the big dogs.

This morning, a very young squirrel was walking around the garden, and I tried to shoo her away. She jumps on the fence, scurries over to me until we are eye to eye. She sits up with hands folded. Then I get the head tilt.

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Family Night Buffet

We have a couple of game cameras out and I’ve posted still photos from them before.  We set it to take 10 second videos and have been enjoying the short clips it records of critters coming to where Mrs J lays out corn and sunflower seeds.  She said that these from the other night would be nice to load to the blog.  I tried a direct upload of the clips before but Word Press had “issues”. TaMara held my hand today and walked me through the YouTube upload procedure for the W4Dinner channel.  Finally managed to get ‘her done!



Critter Cam

I was meaning to put this up yesterday and got busy and forgot.  We get a fair variety of critters and varmits.  Some deer, the raccoon family, and a coyote makes it into one frame.  This is roughly one night at the feeder, from evening to morning when Mrs J replenishes the corn and other seeds and picks up the memory chips.  The camera is usually off most of the day.

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Feeding the…birds? LOL

The deer aren’t tame, but they no longer seem to rouse the dogs with their presence and so they are becoming a bit bolder.

The raccoons  are never far away, they do seem to prefer the dark.  The dog boys will most definitely rouse themselves for a ‘coon.And now, for a change a pace, some kittens that were on offer-“free to a good home”-at the last farmer’s market.  Note the polydactyl tortie.

Raccoon Convention

We got the night camera working again.  Interesting haul from last night.  Critters…and a UFO!

There are 6 or 7 coons in this frame.  I’m counting the eyes on the left as one.

I count 8 in this one, I think there are 4 in the knot centered below the feeder pole.

A lone whitetail.

And a UFO!  The string of closely spaced lights high above the feeder.  The lights spaced out in a “>”-shaped line are some of those solar powered marker lights along the walk and steps coming down from the patio.  Those are all there in the picture with the deer above.

And, last, a daylight shot with Homer, Bea, and Buddy in the frame.