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Sammich Pr0n

I’ve always liked tuna salad on toast.  This one has enough egg that it’s as much egg salad with tuna as it is tuna salad with egg.  There’s chopped celery for crunch and a bit of minced onion and plenty of sweet pickle relish and mayo.A reuben on rye.  I’ve settled on this machine recipe for the rye, it works fine every time.There are a couple of my homemade garlic pepper links under all the grilled veggies and mustard.

Mmm… Reuben

20170220_120126-1600x1200My 30 day timer let me know it was time to check the sauerkraut I had working on the counter top.  Much success!  I celebrated the occasion by baking a loaf of rye bread and thawing a baggie of pastrami for reubens.  I’ve taken to putting out a small bowl of thousand island as a dip rather than trying to pour it directly on the sammich.  I think that works best but YMMV.

Got Reuben?

20161002_114618I picked up some corned beef while at the market getting those whole chickens to smoke.  We haven’t had fresh pastrami for a while and it seemed a waste to roll out the smoker just for the poultry.  I left it going after removing the chicken and replaced them with the corned beef I had rolled in a pastrami rub.  The pastrami seasoning is just my basic rub but with extra coriander, ground black pepper, and juniper berries.  The juniper berries are optional but I think they work well.20161002_115507This one is sliced with the grain, exactly wrong!  Slice across the grain!  I salvage these slices by the expedient method of chopping them up.20161002_121353I like to pile the pastrami on a skillet and top with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, add some sauerkraut juice to the pan and simmer it with a cover to melt the cheese.20161002_121457Scoop the hot pastrami onto a lightly toasted piece of rye bread and squeeze on thousand island dressing, serve with a pickle.

Sammich Pr0n – Reuben

20160319_131500 (1600x1060)This is what I had in mind for the leftover corned beef from that corned beef and cabbage dinner.  I put the bread with the meat and cheese in the press to melt the cheese and toast the rye, adding the ‘kraut and dressing at the table.


20160305_093743 (1600x1060)Homer gives me his “What are you looking at?” stare down.DSC_1887 (1600x1060)Reubens are always a welcome item on the lunch menu.20160305_170533[1] (1600x1060)The beer battered cod strips were pretty good but I was disappointed in the “chips”.  Not so much that I didn’t eat them, mind.20160307_171430[1] (1600x1060)The sausage and beans in tomato sauce was really good the first time we had them so I made another batch.  The wilted lettuce salad was excellent – hot bacon grease and wine vinegar dressing, sweetened with Splenda.20160306_212746[1] (1600x1060)Bea and Toby share a moment atop the couch.DSC_1882 (1600x1060)I smoked a pork butt overnight in the little electric smoker set low – under 200 degrees.  I finished it in the oven.  Made for great tasting sammiches!  This one has slaw and sauce.DSC_1895 (1600x1060)Frito Pie!  This time I used Chili Cheese Fritos with the chili and cheese.  The sour cream over the top put it over the top.

Sammich Pr0n – Reuben

DSC_0083 (1600x1060)The local markets have been selling corned beef cheaper than hamburger lately.  I’ve been grabbing them every time we go shopping.  I like the traditional boiled dinner with cabbage and carrots but I think corned beef on rye is hard to top.  My only complaint is they always use brisket for these so the slabs of cooked meat are thin.

Sammich Pr0n – Corned Beef Reuben

DSC_8497 (1600x1060)This is from that beef that spent 30 days in the brine.  I vacuum sealed and froze it in one pound portions.  Have I done a gadget post on that thing?  Guess not, per our search engine.  I’ll do one soon.

Sammich Pr0n – Pastrami Reuben

DSC_8422 (1600x1060)I just made another batch of countertop sauerkraut, if the last 30 days of watching mold form on the brine’s surface qualifies it as “just made”.  I think this time it’s a little better, certainly has more crunch.  This will be its first use on a sammich.  I guess I need to start another batch.

Sammich Pr0n – Reubens

DSC_8202 (1600x1060)Did I mention my new meat slicer?