Chicken Picatta

DSC_8148 (1600x1060)I think lemon goes really well with chicken, and I’m a real sucker for flour dredged chicken parts served with sauces.  This is a recipe that combines all of that.  Plus capers!  We liked the sprouts and prosciutto dish so well that I did that one again, and rounded out the meal with a box mix rice pilaf.

Lemon Chicken

TaMara was talking about using the Google to find new recipes and I’ve found my share that way.  Today was just a little bit different.  Google was a part of it.  Referrer logs here at W4D played a role.  Comment threads did their part.  Let me deconstruct this a bit for those of you scratching your heads:  Wordpress offers a stats page, it tells us how many visitors we are getting, what they looked at, where they came from, what they clicked on while here-just loads of info of interest to us as authors and bloggers.  (Yay!  You like me!  You really like me!  Both of ya, hi Mom!)  Ahem…

I saw as a referrer the URL of a recipe page that I have linked to before, it was the page that gave me the recipe I used for the orange chicken way back in February.  Curious, I clicked the link and it took me to the recipe page.  I scanned it looking for a mention or a link to here, didn’t find any.  Looked through the comments to that post thinking maybe someone mentioned there that they saw a link here and followed it.  Nope.  I did see plenty of folks say how much they loved the orange chicken, and then a comment mentioned lemon chicken.  I immediately thought that lemon chicken was just a minor variation on the orange chicken, entered “lemon chicken” into the Google search box and looked at the hits. Went to this one.

Scanned the ingredient list and stopped short at “lemon curd”.  A new search for lemon curd commenced.  That got me to my post this morning. So, here we are, the lemon curd is in the fridge chilling and the chicken thighs are thawed.  Let’s get busy.

Since I’m using whole thighs Rachael’s recipe was changed a bit.  I browned the chicken and then simmered them in chicken stock, covered, until they were cooked through.  The lemon curd was about the last thing added to the pan.

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Leftovers for Lunch

Last of the Moroccan chicken/rice pilaf.  With some dried mushrooms I fiddled with a few days ago.  Soaked em for a while, the sauteed them in olive oil with some peppercorns and dried red chilies.  Gave em a nice tang.  Added some of the broth from the Moroccan chicken, gave them that yellow color from the turmeric.

Oh, and here’s a turtle.

Moroccan Chicken

Another adventure in Google recipeland today.  I mentioned in another post that I just opened another bag of mail order olives.  I wanted to use some in a recipe so I Googled chicken + olives + recipe and came up with this one for Moroccan Chicken. I had all the ingredients save for the preserved lemon and figured that I could make do with a fresh one.  Seemed to work ok.

After spending an hour or more getting acquainted with the spices, the chicken went into a stew pot to brown in olive oil.  Smells so good, all those spices in there.

Lacking the preserved lemon the recipe called for, I used a whole fresh lemon.  I removed the zest and then cut the remainder into wedges, adding everything plus some more lemon juice for good measure.  No idea what a preserved lemon would have done for the dish but the fresh one worked great.

The rice has raisins and dried cranberries in it.  That bit of lemon in the foreground was surprisingly tasty.

I usually take a lot more pictures than I can use.  This time it was so hard to cull them, they all looked so good.  Here’s one that focuses on the rice.

And another looks hard at the chicken, likes what it sees.  This was just a very good dinner, you have to do this one.