Rib Roast

Kroger had rib roasts for super cheap over the holidays so we bought extra.  Trying to find a happy place between Mrs J’s dislike of bloody meat and my own preference for it, we did the sous vide thing set at 140°, which worked Ok.  This is medium rare, depending on where you look and who is doing the “color commentary”.  That’s a smear of horseradish sauce on that piece.  We did fried potatoes and roasted sprouts with it.With the leftover beef we did a stroganoff.  I looked at Paula Deen’s recipe and went with that because it looked super easy.  Since the meat was already cooked  I added it in last.  I sauteed the onions in oil and added the flour to those before stirring in the soup and broth.  I had a bit of sour cream in a tub, not a cup but enough.  I gave up on the Kroger brand egg noodles but they do stock these so we’re good.


DSC_0067 (1600x1060)Mmm… slaw dogs!  The slaw has a mayo based dressing that works well with the squeeze of hot mustard.  We’ll be eating beans until we run out.  I make them up in a 10″ cast iron skillet and we get several day’s worth of sides out of them.DSC_5192 (1600x1060)Here’s Homer!  He really, really loves to play chase the laser dot and every now and then he comes to the little side table next to my chair to remind me that that is where it’s kept.  It’s the little red cylinder under his nose, there.  He does it often enough that I was able to set up for a quick photo, this is my best one so far.  He usually has both feet up there, too.DSC01917 (1600x1200)This is Bella.  The staff at a local nursing home asked if St Francis could provide them with a dog to replace one that passed.  I’ve heard of organizations that took pets around for visits but they apparently wanted one to stay right there permanently. They took Bella over to see if she would work out and so far it looks like she has found a new home and many new doting parents.DSC01922 (1600x1200)Mrs J says it seemed that Bella wanted to say hello to everyone!  Looks like she will fit right into her role.DSC01923 (1600x1200)They took a dog bed and toys and some food over with her but they said they wouldn’t need anything because they had bought all that already, in anticipation.DSC_0073 (1600x1060)Roasted Brussels sprouts with a chicken fried pork tenderloin and a baked potato.  Sprouts are fabulous roasted like this, trim the ends and halve them and toss with olive oil and kosher salt and roast them in a 400 oven, cut side down, until they look like this.  The cut sides are browned and the outer leaf may look burnt but they taste great.DSC_0040 (1600x1060)Spaghetti is always a favorite.  This one has a sausage and tomato sauce and was sprinkled with the remainder of a bag of Italian blend cheeses I had leftover from something else (pizza? I forget).  I had plenty of sauce leftover so I made some bruschetta:DSC_0062 (1600x1060)

Mmm… food!

Mowed some high spots in the yard today, rigged the MiFi hotspot with it’s little mag base external antenna on the motor hood and toured the lawn listening to Pandora.  Aren’t we special.  Remember, no texting while driving!  Not sure it is much of an improvement over just going with the iPod and recorded tunes and podcasts but there you go.

We’ve been eating hamburgers and leftovers while I have been doodling in the garage setting up a laptop and trying to get a powerline network adapter to work.  I can get it to work in the house from various locations but can’t get it working well enough to extend the house LAN into the garage, and the wifi doesn’t reach there either.  I suppose an external antenna might work.  I’m loathe to mess with the cheap wireless DSL router Frontier set me up with.  I’m making do out there with the Verizon LTE MiFi for internet access, works well enough with that little antenna centered in a window facing the direction of the cell tower.  I am in a fringe reception area and the LTE signal is sporadic at best sans the antenna, with it I can expect to see download speeds in the 3-4 Mb/sec range.  Better than my DSL speed, but capped in my plan at 5 Gb/Mo.We do enjoy our burgers.  Mrs J is the tater tot fan, I like them fine but do prefer shoestring fries.  We have an accommodation.  Hard to beat a good beefsteak, though.  The fries roasted in the same tray as the sprouts – a little olive oil and kosher salt.. mmm.

Some post-holiday snow

Not quite in time for the holiday, and it looks like it will melt soon enough to not be a bother.

I don’t think I bothered to turn the clock in the camera back at the end of DST, so the time is an hour ahead of the clocks here in the house.

Looks like an entire holiday meal has gone by and I haven’t mentioned it here.  Just this one photo:I roasted a small chunk of lamb (~3lbs) after an overnight marinade in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and rosemary.   A couple of tablespoons of chopped fresh rosemary were rubbed over it and it cooked at 350 for just over an hour, to an internal temp of ~150.  It sat out with a loose tent of foil as it rested and I did my last minute flurry of table setting.  There was enough well done to satisfy Mrs J and the rest was rare enough to suit me.

I cooked some white potatoes with a diced parsnip in cream and butter and a couple of cloves of garlic.  They were great.  The gravy was made from turkey necks and chicken giblets with some home made chicken stock and with lamb drippings stirred in.  Also on the plate are some sprouts roasted with garlic and olive oil.  Serious good veggies even if you don’t care for steamed or boiled sprouts – these are just not the same thing.  Let them brown a bit, you will love them.

The little bowl in the background is a dipping sauce for the lamb, and it was good on the sprouts too.  I reduced the juice of half a lemon and a quarter cup of white wine with some minced onion and garlic and chopped fresh rosemary, then stirred in a stick of cold butter a pat at a time.  A final touch was a good squirt of Dijon mustard.  Yummy