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A Sexy, Witty, Murderous Adventure

My life was not going as I had imagined. But I had a plan:

FIRST, in between being chased by Scary Dudes and frequently dodging bullets, I was determined to solve the murder of mysterious lawman, Mike Fraser. He died in my arms after involving me in a criminal investigation, so this was personal.

NEXT, I was going to get my Soon-To-Be-Ex to sign our divorce papers (a divorce he had insisted on, by the way). Then I would be free to take full advantage of the well-muscled U.S. Marshal that was now guarding my body, day and night.

FINALLY, I was going to find my dream job as far away from Peoria, IL and as close to an ocean as I could possibly get. It was a simple plan.

All I had to do was live long enough to implement it.

And I was definitely not going to fall in love with the sexy U.S. Marshal sitting at my kitchen table. Even if every cell in my body was saying he was too good to let go.

For TJ Wilde, it was difficult to tell who was more dangerous, the men trying to kill her or the man she was falling in love with…

RUN AGROUND is a wild ride through a small town. Corrupt cops, illegal gambling, lascivious morticians, contract killers and one sexy U.S. Marshal keep TJ Wilde on her toes while she tries to solve a murder. She’s also on the hunt for the jerks who keep ransacking her apartment. All while she tries to ignore the hunky man with the potential to mend her broken heart…or shatter it irrevocably.


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Run Aground in paperback or Kindle.

Chef Bobby Flay on Love

I’ve mentioned before I have several celebrity chef crushes.  Bobby Flay is one.  He did nothing to diminish my affections as he talks about food, romance and his love for his wife, along with how he won her over on their first date on  CBS Sunday Morning:

So here are a few food ideas that can make love bigger and better in your life.

Food shopping: It might sound mundane but it’s really fun, especially when you’re going to prepare a meal together. Let’s just say, collaboration on dinner makes for better collaboration after dinner.

Cooking together: It’s instant gratification. Who cares how it actually comes out?! In fact, a failed meal has longer legs as a story that you can share for years.

Ordering dinner in: A couple’s pastime that has a soothing ring to it because you know it also means a movie, some blankets on the couch, and probably your favorite Chinese dumpling or pizza. Yum!

My personal favorite, though, is cooking for my wife on Sunday. It could be anything from paella to spaghetti and meatballs, a steamed wild striped bass, to a juicy porterhouse steak.

You can read his whole essay and see the video at CBSNews Sunday Morning Page.  And he even has a special recipe for Slow Roasted Salmon with Herb Vinaigrette there.