There’s Always That One Rose: Updated

… that stands out:

Just finished tuning up the front yard. Amazed how the constant rain has changed things. My xeriscaped rock garden is looking more like the forest floor. My roses are struggling and I may have to look into treatments for their waterlogged and spotted leaves.

I’ve cleaned out peonies and poppies early to give the other plants some room to dry out.

I’m “enjoying” watching the bindweed and spurge in a battle to the death. I’m sure I, and my garden, will be the loser.

My yard snakes have quadrupled in size and I’m wondering if I should be concerned that I have enough food for four snakes to grow so quickly. There are two little ones one little one* wandering around, too.

*I just found one dead by the front door. I’m thinking he drown in the downpour last night.

So that’s the front yard. I’ll tackle the jungle in the backyard tomorrow. The veggie garden is looking good, but the lack of sun may hinder production.

Until then…


The Rose Garden

I moved here a while ago, very carefully choosing this little city of about 89k based on its eclectic population, its thriving art and theatre community and of course the beautiful views.  I’m slowly finding little jewels all over town, some of my favorites are the art in the most unexpected places – like sculptured faces along the river trail, or footprints (everything from hiking boots to ducks to bears) in the concrete all over town, or the kinetic sculptures in the ponds.  This winter on a walk, I stumbled upon the memorial rose garden and I’ve waited 9 long months for it to be in bloom.  This weekend, after eating at another great restaurant (I swear, it would take more than a year to eat our way through all the great local eateries here), a friend and I walked through the garden.  Thought I’d take some pictures and share:

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There was much more, but I think this gives a good idea.