Katie Update

Not much change in the “nyah nyah can’t catch me” situation.  Here she is caught on the trail cam in the back yard.


Moar Katie

DSC_3331 [1600x1200]I seem to be making slow progress with assuring Kate that I have her best interests at heart.  She still runs away when I open the door but she doesn’t go as far.  She has been eating better than the rest of the pack, we try to make the menu as tasty as possible.  The battery in the collar for the GPS locator has long since died.  We have no idea where she spends the nights – she no longer uses our garage.

Katie Update

DSC_3316 [1600x1200]Kate is hanging close to the house and has been chowing down on the beans we put out for her.  She’s still wary and you can see how she is keeping an eye on me through the window on the front door.  I was able to get her to eat yesterday while I was out there myself, sitting quietly in a chair.  It’s hard, keeping the boys in all day except when on a leash.  I let them out yesterday afternoon when it looked as if Katie was elsewhere but they spotted her coming back around and gave chase.  Sigh.DSC_3314 [1600x1200]She comes back, chastened, and even more skittish.  Miss Bitsy, the calico, has no fear of dogs and is curious about the new girl.  Her interest kept Kate away until she came back into the house.IMG_0936 [1600x1200]Here are a few more kittehs from St Francis.