Breakfast Pr0n – Salami Hash

DSC_8060 (1600x1060)We really went through that homemade salami in a hurry.  I was thinking it would make a pretty good breakfast hash with a couple of sunny side up eggs and I was correct.  It is a kind of lie that it’s breakfast porn, I couldn’t wait that long and made this up tonight for supper.  Let’s say that it isn’t just breakfast porn.  LOL

Homemade Salami

DSC_8045 (1600x1060)This turned out better than I had hoped.  For some reason the local Kroger store has stopped buying cotto salami for their deli meats counter.  It was always one of my favorites and I’ve eaten many a sammich featuring it along with whatever cheese was handy.  I wondered if I could replicate it in my own kitchen.  I did the usual searching online and quickly ran across the old familiar hamburger sausage recipes using Morton’s Tender Quick.  I’ve done similar in the past, using a recipe one of my father’s pals had given him.

I had hamburger and some fresh store-bought Italian sausage that I decided to use.  Mix them together with the recommended amount of tender quick, the desired amendments like red pepper flakes, black pepper, garlic powder, and mustard seed, then roll the meat into one or more logs and wrap in foil.  Refrigerate for at least a day.

I cooked mine on a rack in a low oven over a water filled tray until a temp probe read 160 degrees.  Poke holes with a fork into the foil at the bottom to let the fat drain out.  An alternate cooking method is to pack the meat into a casing and boil it – I think that’s the commercial method for the salami I am trying to replace.  I really don’t know which meats are in the commercial preparations but I believe it is predominantly hamburger.

Sammich Pr0n – Cold Cuts and Cheese Sub

DSC_7764 (1600x1060)My local Kroger store carries these foot long sub rolls, par baked and ready for a 400 degree oven.  I buy several when I see them and pop them into the freezer.  They are better when they are baked right away but they don’t lose too much in the freezer if they are thawed and baked before much time has passed.  A month is too long.  I pulled this one this morning and made a nice sammich.  This one has three kinds of cold cuts:  Lebanon bologna, ham, and salami with cheddar and havarti.  I love slaw on these, this is made with cabbage, onions, and sweet peppers in a seasoned rice vinegar.

Pizza Night

Mrs J assembled her favorite toppings:  Ham, pickled pepper rings, and mozzarella.  We slid it onto a pizza stone in a 450 oven for five minutes, then turned the broiler on to toast the top.  I gave it a spritz of olive oil to help brown the crust.It turned out pretty well.  The crust was relatively thick, bread like on the outer edges.I used ham on mine as well as some tiny pepperoni and some hard salami.  No veggies except for the cherry tomatoes in the sauce.  It got a garnish of thin sliced fresh basil and some grated asiago to go with the red pepper flakes.  These were good pies.  Sauteed cherry tomatoes and fresh basil make a killer sauce.  I like the thicker crusts, and so do the pups, all the more for them!

Men Who Cook: Bomb Cheese Sandwich

One of the morning drive DJs I listen to regularly wowed everyone with his lunch yesterday, so today he posted the recipe. Its deliciousness is second only to its simplicity:

Larry Ulibarri sandwich

Larry Ulibarri decided since the cheese sandwich was the most popular lunch item, he would make them for everyone today. The BOMB CHEESE SANDWICH. Mozzarella, Olive Oil, Balsamic, Basil, Tomato, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, Salami (if you want) on crusty bread. Nom Nom Nom

I have to agree. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Lunch Pizza

Another of the individual sized pizzas we make from thin pitas.  Not too many toppings on this one, some mozz, a few thin slices of salami, onions, olives, all on a base of my world famous awesome sauce.  It hit the spot.  In my case “the spot” is a rather large target so a good aim isn’t necessary. LOL

Just a quick pizza

Another pizza from the toaster oven.  This crust was one of those thin Lebanese pitas, whole wheat this time.  Awesome sauce and salami, ham, olives, onions, mozzarella and Parmesan.  Plenty of red pepper flakes.  Fast and fun, good tasting, this pizza has it all but rock and roll from a jukebox and sticky floor from the spilled beer.

Pita Bread

I thought I would jot a brief note on these pita breads we buy at the International grocery store.  It’s not quite a half hour drive, too far to go just for one item but I keep a list going and when I get the chance I drop by.

These are much thinner than the pita breads that my local grocer sometimes carries.  I don’t know if it is a Mid Eastern style, or just this particular bakery, but they make very good crusts for quick pizzas.

This one used up some pico de gallo left over from some other dish.  That’s on top of some awesome sauce and fresh mozzarella.  There are some  little thin sliced hard salami bits in there too, and a generous grate of asiago.

This one has Andouille sausage, roasted tomatoes, and goat cheese.  Nice change of pace.