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Sammich Pr0n

I’ve always liked tuna salad on toast.  This one has enough egg that it’s as much egg salad with tuna as it is tuna salad with egg.  There’s chopped celery for crunch and a bit of minced onion and plenty of sweet pickle relish and mayo.A reuben on rye.  I’ve settled on this machine recipe for the rye, it works fine every time.There are a couple of my homemade garlic pepper links under all the grilled veggies and mustard.


Pasta Pr0n – Sausages in Marinara Sauce

dsc_2085-1600x1200Some of those garlic pepper sausages, browned in olive oil, and then simmered in a garlicky tomato sauce.dsc_2084-1600x1200And an artsy shot with a wide aperture to blur the background.  The sausages were not explicitly Italian, there isn’t any fennel in the recipe, but they work very well in this dish.


20160423_113427(1600x1200)Brats are about as basic as you can go, store had one of their specials going so I bought several.  Potato salad, slaw, and three  four bean salad round the lunch plate off in a nice picnic style.  Not a huge fan of eating outside but the flavor was there. LOL

Mmm… Sausage Pr0n

DSC_6039 [1600x1200]

Breakfast Pr0n

DSC_5167 [1600x1200]Sausage and eggs on a toasted bun with giardiniera on the side.


These are the chorizo links I stuffed last week.  Any sausage link will make a decent sandwich.  I tried to keep to the general Tex-Mex theme with the minced jalapenos and the hot sauce.  I had an avocado that I really needed to use.  The habanero is pretty but it played no part other than prop for this photo.I dug out another pair of boneless ribeyes to go with the shrimp Kroger had on special this week.  The steak fries got the now standard twice fried treatment.This evening we had pasta.  The sauce was made from tomatoes a neighbor gifted us yesterday.  She flagged me down as I rode the mower past their fence and sent me along with a dozen big tomatoes and a couple of big sweet onions.  We juiced the tomatoes first thing this morning and the juice has been cooking all day.  It has fresh oregano and thyme and plenty of garlic.  The Italian sausages are from a batch we made during the last sausage making spree.I added extra fennel to the recipe, and more garlic.  Hard to get too much garlic in a sausage recipe.  I browned the links in olive oil and then simmered them in the tomato sauce.My habanero bush is still going strong!  I picked two pints of those hot rascals from it today.  I have them soaking in vinegar with a little bit of salt in a small bottle.  I understand this habanero/vinegar combo will add an interesting flavor to all sorts of dishes.  I have no idea how hot it will turn out.  I have seen similar treatments using other peppers and haven’t been too impressed.Mrs J heads back to check the feeder and camera at the back pond.  She has a posse.  I call her Mizz Doolittle for the duration of these jaunts.

Mmm… sammiches

Mrs J found some rye hoagie rolls at the store the other day.  This seemed like an excellent use for them.  The sausages are from the garlic pepper batch I made the other day.  Tasty!  I’m leaning towards Italian sausages for the next project – I really do need to unbox the new meat grinder and give it a spin.  I’ll have to pick up some meat, though, thinking hard on an expedition to that meat processor that we stop by when we have business in the big city so that we can stock up on pork shoulders.

Breakfast pr0n

We stopped by that meat processor on the way back from the big city the other day.  We bought some of their garlic sausage.  Yay!  This stuff is awesome:I picked that tomato this morning, out before it gets too damn hot.

Mmm… breakfast pr0n

We love these little breakfast links.

Yay! My Turducken Came!

I’ve been hearing about these things for years but have never done much more than wonder how they are.  We are way too lazy around here to even consider putting one of these things together and I have never seen one offered for sale locally.  I decided to order one this year for Thanksgiving.

Last winter, near Christmas, I took a chance and ordered some perishable foodstuffs from a vendor in Louisiana and had good luck.  The items came packed with dry ice in a styrofoam cooler-everything was frozen solid as a brick and it arrived in good order.  The shipping was steep, as expected, but not unreasonable.  The folks at the other end insist on sending these packages 2d day delivery via one of the major outfits-this time it was FedEx.

Yes, I took pictures:

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