No Thursday Recipe Exchange

Yeah, I know, you’re all sooooo disappointed. I have reason, I just can’t share that reason with you yet. But safe to say, in the coming month(s) there will be some exciting What’s 4 Dinner Solutions’ news. That’s right there is something cookin’. I’ll share as soon as I’m able.

No food, but how about some pretty scenery? Click on any photo to start the slide show.

Dog Run

I’ve got some chicken thighs cooking, they’ll be served with pasta in a sauce I’m working on.  In the meantime, since I’ve been doing some yardwork and not posting, here are some pics from a recent doggie run down to the creek.

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They love the creek.  There is always water in it somewhere, though in the dry season it’s all pooled in the deeper spots.  The deadfalls you see in a few of the photos are a result of a mesocyclone that blew through here last year.  Awesome storm.  Our power was out for a week.