Nick Loves Trixie: A Duck and His Great Dane Puppy

Nick loves Trixie. I thought it might not be as intense this spring, now that she is spayed. But, nope, his love burns bright. And as promised, video!

Excuse the look of the yard – spring clean-up has not happened yet and everything is still frozen and dormant after an unusually brutal winter.

Jasper Update with Bonus Critters

I’ve been meaning to update you on Jasper for a while. He will have been here three months this coming week. It’s been a riotous three months. He’s a very good boy, but we have had a variety of issues to work out, starting with boundaries, how to keep his huge and very strong front paws to himself, and to stop being selectively deaf when it comes to the word “no.”

Saturday Good News Thread: Honoring Lilly

He pulls the same look anytime I scold him. He turns on the charm and reminds you that he was once starving and abandoned. I feel like a villain, but remain steadfast in his training. He rewards me by catching on incredibly quickly.

Saturday Good News Thread: Honoring Lilly 1
Look at that booty

Scout still feels a bit put upon, but she enjoys romping around the yard with him. He insists on full body contact with her when they sleep and while she tolerates it, she throws me those “why me?” looks from across the room.

Saturday Good News Thread: Honoring Lilly 2

It’s impossible to get them all looking at me at once…so here are 2 of them Continue reading

Trixie at 9 Months

Our trusty panda is no match for nearly full-grown Trixie. I cannot stress how difficult it is to get a photo of her these days. Even with the bribe of cheddar cheese, she’s in constant motion. And the moment I get the camera, her ears are back, so you miss the big floppy beauties that give her a little bit of a Bassett vibe.

Scout wonders what all the drama is about. She’s a chill four years old and while she’ll match Trixie zoomie for zoomie outside, inside she’s less likely to be enticed off the couch. Continue reading

Time Flies

Not sure how I’m feeling about the 5-month milestone. She’s such a sweetie and growing so fast. I’m a little wistful on how quickly it has flown by.

Walking today, in her harness, I could not get over how big she was and how much she now looks like the Great Dane she’s going to be.  Sunday I walked both dogs at the same time and she did great. Scout was a little crazed, but we hadn’t had a walk in almost a week due to ice and snow.

I’ll do that once a week to get them used to it, but I have really been enjoying my alone time with each pup on our walks. And two walks for me is never a bad thing…I mean more cookies, right?

We have now reached the “can’t see the Panda” when she sits on him. I don’t know what she weighs, I’m guessing about 60 lbs – I’ll try to get to the vet and weigh this week.


Welcome Willow

Willodene Jolene has landed.

She’s about 6-7 months old, which completely goes against my “oldest/longest kitty in the shelter” rule. After fostering a mama (Missy) and her five 1-day old kittens (Jake!) I swore off kittens forever.

But this girl picked me, so who am I to refuse? Continue reading