We are having fun now!

I had some leftover sauteed tomatoes from the pasta last night, and some of the mozzarella.  I sliced some bread and started fooling around.

I added the tomatoes to a slice, piled on the mozz, and stuck it into the toaster oven.  While it was heating up I went to the basil bush and picked some leaves.

When the cheese was all melty and starting to toast, I pulled it and drizzled a fair amount of olive oil onto the thing, and topped that with some basil.  I told myself that this was really wanting to be a sammich.

So, butter another slice and pop everything back into the toaster.  Now were talking!  The cheese started to ooze, and the oil was bubbling away.  Now what?  Well, cutting a sammich in two is always a popular way to present it:

Sesame Crackers

Mrs J made some more doggie biscuits today.  They looked and smelled great.  I was a bit jealous of the dogs.  That set me to searching about for a cracker recipe.  I’ve been wanting to make some crackers for a good while and the luck of the dogs having such a good dog momma rubbed off on me today.  Mrs J agreed to make the sesame crackers that I downloaded a recipe for.

As  with most new things the first batch was a learning experience.  They were just a bit too thick to crisp up nicely, or we didn’t give them long enough in the oven, or both. I gave them 20 minutes at 350+ degrees.  They came out more cookie than cracker.  A good flavor, though maybe a bit bland, I was sure we were on the right track.  The second batch were pretty much the same thickness so I was determined to give them all the time they needed.  In the end they were in there for a tad over thirty minutes.  We also upped our game on the ingredients–we ground some sea salt over them, and Mrs J found some Mrs Dash herb seasoning that we sprinkled over them, too.

I did some additional recipe searching while the second batch was in the oven, and found a recipe that was nearly the same except they used some sesame oil in the dough instead of butter, and a bit less water.  A comment on that post mentioned using a pasta machine to get the dough thinner and more uniform.  We might try that next time.  I have ordered some new cookie cutters, the plastic cap Mrs J used to cut the crackers out was not the best.  A pretty good size, though.


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