Skillet Corned Beef and Cabbage

I say “skillet” corned beef and cabbage but the only things that actually cooks in the pan are the bacon, cabbage and onion.  The corned beef was boiled till tender then removed from the pot.  I set it aside and boiled the potatoes and carrots in the same water.  Cook to desired state and set them aside with the beef.  Cube the beef when cool, and chop the carrots and potatoes.Cook a few slices of bacon in a big skillet, I used my wok.  Remove the bacon, leave the grease, and add a few tablespoons of butter.  Slice a big sweet onion, chop your cabbage, and add them to the pan, toss to coat with the fats.Add back the bacon and continue cooking the veggies until they brown a bit and get tender.  I was able to do the chef’s toss to this point but after I added the cooked carrots, potatoes, and corned beef it got too heavy for that.Cover and continue over low heat long enough to rewarm the late additions, correct the seasoning, and serve.  I like a touch of red pepper flake added to the dish, YMMV.  Variations on the dish might include bell peppers.

Gadget Post

Just about every one of the cooking shows has had an ad for one of these skillets: The Calphalon “Slide”.  I’ve been enjoying the 10″ non stick omelet pan I have and have been itching to get one a tad larger.  Finally clicked the button at Amazon for the 12″ version of the pan that the food just “slides out of”.  It came today, and to break it in I decided to go with a stir fry recipe to make use of the baby bok choy I bought today.  I followed the recipe pretty closely (for me, anyway) and tho I can’t imagine that all the measurements are correct in my iteration I believe it came out pretty well.  I used some rehydrated shiitake mushrooms along with some fresh buttons I had left from the frittata instead of the mushrooms called for in the recipe.  I used more garlic than called for, and I didn’t have any fresh ginger root but I did have a large jar of  ginger paste.  I used a heaping spoonful of it in the sauce.  Also, I marinated the chicken chunks in soy sauce and Chinese cooking wine.

First impression of the pan?  Very positive-the stuff does slide right out.  I used some cooking oil in it but the oil didn’t seem to form a film on the pan, it kinda “beaded up”.  I didn’t cook the chicken by itself for very long, but it appeared that it was going to brown alright.  Clean up was about as I expected:  A couple of swipes under a hot faucet with a dish rag and it was clean.  This pan came with a glass lid-very handy at times to have a lid, and with glass you can see what’s going on in there without taking it off.

The pictures will tell the story:

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