Photo Fun

20161015_1057291600x1200Bitsy jumped up onto my lap this morning while I had my phone out so I snapped a quick photo.  The camera lens on my phone is nearly always smudged with fingerprints, I rarely remember to wipe them off.  I managed to reduce the fog somewhat by upping the contrast and running it through a couple of Snapseed filters.  I bet there are some good haze reduction filters out there I don’t know about.img_20161015_113149I was wondering if I could render this through more than one filter in the Prisma app but I didn’t see any way to do it one one step.  I did it the long way around.img_20161015_113305_processedI used the Hunter filter and saved it, and then opened that photo (above) in the app and ran another filter, Gothic, on it:img_20161015_113435_processedFor comparison, here is the same photo rendered straight through the Gothic filter.img_20161015_120243_processedIt’s subtly different, softer looking.  I bet there are some combos that result in just a whiff of kitty, more suggestion that representation.

Raspberry Fried Pies

DSC_4577 [1600x1200]Mrs and I were feeling well enough to do fried pies today.  The dough has been sitting in the fridge, wrapped in plastic, for a few days.  Here’s a link to a post I put up ages ago with the recipe for the dough.

I’ve been fiddling with the Snapseed photo editing program today and am having a ball!  It’s been a hugely successful app for the iPhone and now Google has bought the company and they provide the app for free for the Android devices they have been pushing.  Alas, I had to spring $20 for the desktop Windows version.