Snow Day…Again

A week ago it was in the mid-seventies.  But a week of storms has left us with knee-high snow. Pain to drive in, but so very pretty.

The rock garden

Aspen tree Continue reading

Puppeh Snow Day!

I had a request for a good news/puppy post. I am happy to oblige. 

Lil’ Bit is growing like a weed. I was able to put Bixby’s first collar on her this week, and while it was still plenty big, I noticed today it wasn’t quite as big. I needed to have her name tag on her so I can HEAR her comings and goings. Otherwise, I’m following her all over the house instead of getting any work done.

Today was her first official snow day. She’s not quite sold on it, but did run around and snuffle her way across the yard.

Bixby on the other hand is in his element. He LOVES snow.


Snow Day Cookies

I was prowling around the kitchen, wanting to bake and surveying what I had for ingredients. Chocolate chips, nope. Nuts, nada. But a new bag of flax and some already toasted oats that needed to be used up before they went stale. There it was Oatmeal Flax Cookies (recipe here).

Oatmeal Cookies Final

The original recipe calls for rolled oats, but like I said, I had some rolled oats I had toasted and was afraid they would become stale soon, so I used those. Added a nice extra nuttiness to the cookies.

Colorado Christmas

Some shots from this afternoon.

Click any photo to see full size.

I have no idea.  It popped up this week.  I find it utterly charming.

This Great Blue Heron hates me.  Anyone and their dog can walk by him, but I get within 100 feet,  just walking by and he flies away. Every time.  I must’ve said something to offend.