Snowy Sunday

After a delayed start of about a day, the promised big, wet, snow has arrived. No idea what our final totals will be – they have predicted 12 to 48 inches. It’s all about how slowly it moves.  I’d guess we’re at about 8 inches now with a full day of snowfall predicted.

I’ve shoveled twice now and will head out in an hour or so to do it again. When it’s this heavy and wet, I don’t like it to pile up too high before shoveling. As most winter storms here consist of champagne powder you can push away without much effort, spring snows remind us of what everyone else usually has to deal with in terms of snow. As it will be in the mid-60s by the end of the week, I’m going to put on another pot of coffee and enjoy.

There will be duckling updates…but for now, I have to go dig out the big ducks and give them fresh water/food.

Until then…


This is stay home weather, verging on “Get your dumb self back in here right away” weather.  We have plenty of salt, shovels and an electric snow shovel/blower.  That thing, man.  Just don’t try to clear a walk with it when the wind is in your face.

Thinking about supper.


DSC_5177 (1600x1060)Katie was enjoying the first snow free day a little too much.  It’s a good thing she got her ya yas out because we got more snow:DSC_5186 (1600x1060)It started out with a little sleet but that turned to snow and that fell all day and didn’t taper off till after dark.DSC01872 (1600x1060)

Not quite six inches.  I got out on the tractor today and bladed the drive.DSC_0034 (1600x1060)One of Mrs J’s fortified carrot cakes was reward for my labors.  It’s a box mix with extra shredded carrot, raisins, and crushed pineapple.  Mmm… moist and sweet, especially with the toasted coconut on the cream cheese icing.  There’s a little orange zest sprinkled on there, too.  Smelled great!DSC_0028 (1600x1060)Quesadillas with egg, roasted pork, and cheddar garnished with sour cream and a nice hot sauce.DSC_5175 (1600x1060)Ginger Boy oversees doggie dinner prep.  Mrs J buys dry kibble and leavens it with her own blend of goodies.  She adds cooked chicken, rice, cottage cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes, liver, and ground beef in varying proportion, cooking it up in big pots and freezing it in plastic containers.  The pups love it so she must be doing it right.DSC_0039 (1600x1060)A stir fry with chicken and various veggies over yellow rice.  Not bad but far from my best effort.