Sourdough Bread

The idea behind this sourdough starter is to bring bread back to its natural state. Where the microbes that have been processed out of our foods are returned via a natural fermentation process and unenriched, organic flours.

The thought is to use the best, least processed ingredients available. The recipes are generally standard bread recipes, so it’s not about extra steps, just good ingredients.

I went ahead and used the recipe from the Patrick Ryan video,   but used the overnight technique that I always use.  With this technique, it’s best to also use instant yeast because of the slow proofing method.

For serious breadmakers, watch his video, it is truly a master class in making a good loaf of bread.

Sourdough Bread

  • 800g  unenriched* unbleached white flour
  • 10g salt
  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 460ml water
  • 320g sourdough starter

Add flour, salt and yeast and mix together. Add water and sourdough starter. Mix for 1 minute in mixer with bread hook. Let rest for 5 minutes. Continue reading

Sourdough Starter

I’m very excited.  LFern is on her way over with some sourdough starter for me. Here’s her first loaves:

She started it from scratch, so I’m getting the shortcut version.  She based her recipe on this guy. We’re both kinda smitten:

I’ll update as I go. I’d like to make rolls first.

Until then…


Classic Combo

DSC_7732 (1600x1060)This is just about the perfect combination for lunch or a quick dinner.  The soup is from a can and the grilled cheese doesn’t take long.  This one has bacon and cheddar with sliced muenster cheese on sourdough.  The key to making a grilled cheese is to manage the heat so that the cheese is all melted before the bread is burnt.  You can shorten the time it takes to complete this by popping the sammy into the microwave for a short time to hurry the cheese melt – this lets you crank the heat up on the skillet or griddle.  I usually keep the flame low and cover the pan to arrive at the same condition.

Grilled cheese with onion jam.

Onion jams, that is.  I made some jam with yellow onions and malt vinegar and another batch with red onions and balsamic vinegar.

And you have to have tomato soup with the grilled cheese.  It’s the law.  I’m pretty sure.

Grated Parmesan on the soup isn’t a law but it is strongly suggested.


Didn’t burn the bread, though I didn’t get the volume right.  Best I can remember I used 3 cups of flour with the starter for the overnight  melding.  The starter was about 1-1/2 cups give or take.  I think I added another half cup or so as it was kneading this morning so that it would produce a decent ball in the mixing bowl.  The dough easily doubled in the bowl, and then again when in the baking pans.  I guess I could have given it more time to rise farther but I didn’t want to risk a collapse.  It will be good bread, just not fitting the classic profile.  I may go with the starter plus 4 or 5 cups next time-trying for the nice rounded top in the loaf pans.

The weather didn’t get any better so rather than muck about outdoors I decided to make up some pita rounds to put back.  Mrs J saw me rolling them out and made the call for dinner-she’d have a pizza from one of those, thank you very much.  Sounded good to me.


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