Mmm… your dog wants your steak

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Surf and Turf

DSC_4699 [1600x1200]The classic dinner, strip steak, a lobster tail and roasted asparagus with a nice salad.  The ramekin has melted butter spiked with lemon juice for dipping the seafood, and it’s damn good on the asparagus, too.

I steamed the lobster tails, and pan grilled the steaks in my 12 inch cast iron skillet that was smoking hot before dropping the meat in. They went 4:30 per side, the first side at high heat, and then medium for the other.  I set the steaks aside to rest and then dropped the lobster into the already hot steamer and fired the broiler for the veggies.  They took just under ten minutes to finish.  The asparagus was tossed with olive oil and seasoned with kosher salt beforehand.  DSC_4701 [1600x1200]