Rib Roast

Kroger had rib roasts for super cheap over the holidays so we bought extra.  Trying to find a happy place between Mrs J’s dislike of bloody meat and my own preference for it, we did the sous vide thing set at 140°, which worked Ok.  This is medium rare, depending on where you look and who is doing the “color commentary”.  That’s a smear of horseradish sauce on that piece.  We did fried potatoes and roasted sprouts with it.With the leftover beef we did a stroganoff.  I looked at Paula Deen’s recipe and went with that because it looked super easy.  Since the meat was already cooked  I added it in last.  I sauteed the onions in oil and added the flour to those before stirring in the soup and broth.  I had a bit of sour cream in a tub, not a cup but enough.  I gave up on the Kroger brand egg noodles but they do stock these so we’re good.

Beef Stroganoff, sorta

This is a variation on the theme: Beef Stoganoff.  You can find recipes on the web so I won’t bother to note differences in my take.  It’s better to use a good tender cut of beef for this, but I had some stew meat getting old in the freezer and had a hankering for this.  The tough old beef came out tender enough.Let’s get started.The beef was cut into inch cubes from the store, too big, so I sliced the semi frozen block into much smaller pieces, probably 1/4″ thick by 1/2-3/4″.  Heat up a big pan and add some oil, when it’s hot toss in the meat and brown it well, those bits sticking on the bottom are all good.Mix some mushroom soup with water per directions on the can and dump it in.Scrape all of those nice brown bits from the bottom.  I tossed in a small can of button mushrooms at this point.  And just to be cruel, though you can do the shallots in the same pan you did the beef, I chose to use my nifty 6″ cast iron skillet.When the shallots have sweated down in a pat of butter add them to the big pan.  Now cover the pan and simmer on the lowest heat for a few hours, stirring now and again.  If you opt to put this with pasta, start your water when a bit of beef shows you it’s tender enough.  When the pasta is nearly done whisk in some sour cream.  Let it come back to heat, but don’t let it bubble or the sour cream may clabber up.I wish I had more than what I used, I scooped a fair amount out for the clam dip last night. Oh, and I used french onion dip not plain sour cream-hey, use what ya got!  Instead of pasta, this goes well over a baked potato.  Mrs J opted for pasta today.Enjoy!